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We are are so excited to see Nana out with the girls bike riding. As long as I can remember, my mom would jump at the opportunity to ride bikes. Read More

John on his Big Orange Liberty Trike

EBT people,

Today I took the first extended test drive on my new “Big Orange” Liberty Trike of about nine miles. Everything went pretty much the way I thought it would. I did get a lot of stares and smiles from walkers, drivers, outside diners, and especially kids.

I am very pleased with the power of the motor. It was able to handle my 275lbs in good fashion. In fact, I wouldn’t want it to be any more powerful or faster than it is right now. I have to admit to maxing out at 11.5 to 12 MPH when the way ahead permitted.

With flashing lights front and rear, I used the bike lanes on the roads here in Tampa when sidewalk riding might interfere with pedestrians or slower bikes. The basket was great for holding a cooler bag with water and my small camera bag. At the end of the trip, the battery still showed 4 bars. I’ll try 15 miles next time and see what the battery indicator says then.

The build quality is what I expected from a Worksman trike, since I have purchased three industrial trikes from them in the past for my workers. However, I was a bit surprised to find a 13mm nut on the handlebar clamp and 1/2” on the seat clamp. Huh?? I’m not a big fan of the quick release clamps anyway. I know they are necessary for breaking the bike down quickly without tools, but I can’t stand any movement at all.

I am a bit disappointed that the one speed is impossible to get up to any speed under pedal power. I had hoped that the trike could be somewhat useful without power. That overdrive on the Sturmey Archer 2 speed might have been nice. In fact, three or more speeds would be better.

I can’t wait to take this trike to the zoo. I’ll let you know how Lowe's and Walmart feels about running up and down their aisles.

Best regards,
John D
Tampa, FL

John's Big Orange Liberty Trike in Tampa FL

Shipping Starts Next Tuesday!

We have 10 Liberty Trikes of the first run available now!

Shipping within 3 weeks (once backer trikes are all shipped).

There are just 4 Red, 3 Black and 3 Navy Blue remaining of this first production run. We are taking pre-orders once these are gone and for any of the colors not available now (Orange, Yellow, Teal, Pink). Those are expected within 6 weeks.

Questions?  |  +1 866.894.4620

Almost Ready to Ship!

March 29, 2016

The Liberty Trikes should begin shipping early next week once we have the boxes for them. Read More
We're getting each of the parts into the proper place in the warehouse so that we can work efficiently and as quickly as possible, so that over the next few weeks to begin shipping out the trikes to backers. Read More

And Then There Was PAINT!

February 18, 2016

Things are moving along as planned and we have a few pics to share of the frames in production. The first run of frames are being painted for campaign backers from Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

As you can see in the pictures the very first Liberty Trike to get painted are black. If you ordered black then one of those is yours!

Once all the frames are painted they'll be packed up and shipped to our warehouse in Philadelphia for final assembly and packing. We expect all of that to take place and have them out the door and on their way to backers and pre-order buyers by the end of March.

Speaking of packaging, it has been our goal all along to make custom boxes for the Liberty Trike. We'll be working with Trenton Corrugated of Trenton, NJ on this and we'll be sure to share that process as we get into it.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and support during this process.

PRE-ORDER Available: We have a limited supply of additional trikes we have made in this first run and we are selling them as pre-orders. Supplies are limited and the discount for a pre-order before March 13, 2016 is $500 OFF! Total price would be $1498 plus $98 shipping in the contiguous USA only.

**Supplies and color options are limited. Contact us for more info.


Email us at or give us a call at +1 866.894.4620.

The bigger and more exciting news is that yesterday I was at Workman to approve the final design for the frame and that looks amazing. Several changes were made that make the trike even better, stronger and more fun to ride. Read More
The Liberty Trike can be folded in half and if you want to, you can pull the pin and have the frame completely separate into to near equally weighted pieces. Read More
Worksman Cycles is the oldest bicycle maker in the United States and one of the only bicycle makers still manufacturing their bikes and trikes in the USA. Read More

A New Found Freedom!

August 17, 2015

The Liberty Trike is designed for agility, portability, and utility. You'll now be able to move about your day with ease and get more done. Read More
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