What Color Will You Choose For Your Liberty Trike?

July 01, 2022

The mulit color option for a Liberty Trike.

Not a trick question, we promise. Matter of fact, color is a powerful communication tool — even when making consumer purchases. Do you like something that stands out, or a color that's more mellow. Are you choosing a color that brings forth a specific feeling or brings back a memory? 

It has been said that people often select objects in colors that evoke certain moods or feelings.

Some might not think twice while some will ponder and really take their time deciding what color best suites them. 

One of the really cool things is that our Liberty Trikes come in an assortment of 10 beautiful colors: teal, blue, red, white, purple, yellow, pink, orange, green, and black. So you can see why selecting the right color could be a task that might require some thinking.

A pink Liberty Trike.

Recently we asked our Liberty Trike group what color they chose and why. Per usual, we loved the responses. Some simply liked the color while others had a deeper reason behind choosing a certain hue:


A Liberty Trikers chatting about what color they chose and why.
Here are a few we picked to highlight:
"I chose yellow because it reminds me of sunshine and happiness. Her name is Miss Sunflower  🌻" @Sharon Williams-Duttry
"I chose the pink, such a happy, feeling good color!" @Sandy Brock

"I chose aqua and call her Breezy Blue. The aqua is pretty but is much darker than I thought so since I am an artist, I think I will funkify it up a notch for even more fun." @Laura McCants Reddick- Reichert 

"Red - my first tricycle was red" @ Ellen Zoltoski
"I got white because I knew nothing about the bikes and I thought it would be good for resale. I love the bike and I named it “Sugar”. We had a white poodle when I was a kid named Sugar 😊" @ Becky Heikkila
"I chose green because green reminds me of Ireland and Ireland reminds me of the beautiful landscapes I see when I take her out. My trike’s name was Bertie but I changed it to Saoirse.
Saoirse (ser-sha) Gaelic
This name means "freedom" or "liberty." It has strong patriotic overtones and has only been in use since the 1920s." @ Linda White Batey
" This is my wife’s Orange Trike named “Betsy Boo” after our High School nickname and her Halloween Birthday." @ Bill Carter
" Yellow soothing, calm and caution" @ Vickie Kilgo Cochran
Bottom line? A color that you really do like may make you want to ride more often. You should choose a color that makes you feel excited about getting on your Liberty Trike and wanting to take endless rides of freedom.


Two Liberty Trikes stopped on a trail.

Have a fun story about how and why you selected a certain color? Let us know by joining our Liberty Trike Group on Facebook or send us an email to info@libertytrike.com.

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