Overcoming the Obstacles of Multiple Sclerosis with a Liberty Trike

July 23, 2022

Overcoming the Obstacles of Multiple Sclerosis with a Liberty Trike

It is particularly difficult for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to stay fit and keep their muscles flexible and healthy. MS causes muscle weakness, balance problems, a lack of energy and a reduced function of the musculoskeletal system. This translates to difficulties with walking and cycling.

The Liberty Trike has helped many dealing with a wide range of physical challenges—including SMA, DMD, and other debilitating diseases—the freedom to finally get out and move once again!

The Liberty Trike can offer people with MS (depending on severity, of course) the option to bike and train their muscles in a comfortable way. Dulci Hill, a Liberty Triker facing MS, created a motivating video that gave her viewers insight on how her trike has given her the freedom to move, ways it has benefited her while working through MS and highlights how the different speed levels work for her—among other insight and tips. 

She's an inspiration, check it out:

According to Liberty Trikers facing some kind of poor mobility due to a disease or injury, getting on their LT several times a week has been life-changing—physically, mentally, emotionally—the whole nine yards.

    Research performed at the University of Utah suggests that patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, also experience various benefits by engaging in physical activity. When discussing with health care providers or physical therapists possible options for starting an exercise program, MS patients may consider cycling. According to this Multiple Sclerosis Support article, cycling provided numerous benefits to those afflicted with MS. Think muscle gain, less fatigue, a better mood, improved balance and coordination—the list goes on! 

    Here are a few comments and posts from our Official Liberty Trike Facebook  group, that's facing MS as well:

    Facebook messages from the Official Liberty Trike Riders group.

    Wendy, aadmits she has MS too and how the Liberty Trike has helped her.Loretta, has MS too and throughly enjoys riding her Liberty Trike.

    Maureen is enjoying her new found freedom on the Liberty Trike.

    Second ride on my new teal trike! Drove on the sidewalk and then the road, up to level 3. Helmet should arrive today, mirrors next week. Once I am comfortable I will add a pet trailer so Miss Mattie can join along. My husband has been riding an e-bike for over a year and I wanted to go along sometimes, now I can! I have MS so balance and stamina are issues for me. This trike really works for me, I feel a sense of freedom! Many adventures await!!

    - Maureen B.

    Laura now enjoys riding with her husband on bike rides, because Laura thought she couldn't ride a bike with MS. 

    My husband’s Birthday gift to me, so I can accompany him on his walks at the beach that I have been missing out on for the last eight years because of walking issues due to MS.
    I am now out moving and seeing life’s beauty and why I named her, “Magic” because it’s so easy, fun and freeing!
    “The Freedom to Move” is right and that is Magic!

    - Laura U.

    Doing the MS walk while riding on the Liberty Trike.
    MS walk on a Liberty Trike!


    • Electrical assist allows boomers, seniors, and folks of all ages with balance or muscle atrophy the freedom to get out and moving.
    • Stability and ease of use.
    • Increases cognitive functions.
    • Improve cardiovascular fitness and balance; the aerobic activity releases endorphins, a natural painkiller.
    • Manages stress and improves mental health


    • If allowed, you can take your LT inside stores and facilities (it's that easy and compact). Many have traveled near and far with their LT!
    • Comes in 10 beautiful colors (choose a fun color that best suits your personality),
    • Full recharge of the battery (from 0 to 100%) only takes 3 hours.

    Are you facing challenges of MS or any other mobility challenges? Have you considered a Liberty Trike? Our team is always around to help assist in any way. We can be reached at 866.894.4620 or feel free to email us at support@libertytrike.com.

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