Electric Trikes For Seniors And Active Retirees

June 23, 2022

Electric Trikes are for everyone, but seniors and active retirees are enjoying them even more.

With their speed, ease of use, and fantastic convenience, e-trikes are rising in popularity for adults and seniors as a mode of transportation. Matter fact, our Liberty Trike is great for 55+ communities, mobile home parks, retirement villages, residential neighborhoods and urban centers.

The Liberty Trike gives you that extra boost you need to do more, see more, and be more active. Thousands of Boomers, seniors, and folks of all ages with balance or muscle atrophy are riding Liberty Trikes for a healthier lifestyle.

Molly enjoying her ride on her Libery Trike

Molly on her green Liberty Trikes!

Our active retiree customers use them to get to the clubhouse, meet up with their friends, travel to the beach or golf course, visit parks and trails, take their grandchildren or pups for rides and run simple errands. They're extremely beneficial when wanting to get outdoor for fresh air and mental health. Our Liberty Trike is popular for a reason!

Let's jump into some basics to get you familiar with the Liberty Trike shall we? 

What Exactly Is Liberty Trike?

As you probably already know, the Liberty Trike is an electric tricycle. It gives its riders the option to pedal fully on their own and/or the ability to use a pedal-assist feature. You can get power when you need it, and back into tight parking spots!

The Liberty Trike is designed for anyone that wants to get around actively or effortlessly on 3 wheels. The compact design makes it portable for taking on trips and easy to navigate in confined spaces. The electrical system and powerful hub motor enable the Liberty Trike to travel over most terrains and up reasonable inclines with ease. And if balance is an issue, then a trike is your best bet! 

The natural feeling, effortless transportation, and electric assistance are the major reasons electric tricycles - in general - are being chosen over traditional ones today.

Which Color Should I Choose?

This might seem like a silly question, but we offer a 10 awesome colors - giving customers many fun options! Color is a powerful communication tool, even when making consumer purchases. It has been said that people often select objects in colors that evoke certain moods or feelings. That said, will you choose orange based on a favorite sports team, yellow because it evokes happiness, or red, because the first bike you ever owned as a child was that color? Whatever the case is, have fun with it!  

A nice yellow Liberty Trike posed and waiting to be ridden.

That said, we recently  asked our Liberty Trikers what color they went with and why. It was fun and interesting to read the responses. If you're a member of our Official Liberty Trike Rider Page Facebook Group, check out the post here. If you're not, well, what are ya waiting for? We'd love to have you!

What Are Some Cool Features?

Storage Space

The Liberty Trike features a spacious, sturdy, and removable rear basket mounted securely down low. If you think you'll need more space, we also offer an optional front basket with a quick-release mount. The Liberty Trike is perfect for shopping trips around town, giving your fur baby a ride or pedaling through nature on a trail.

Heavy-Duty Motor
The 750w motor can help pull a 300 lbs. rider up an 18% grade with moderate input. For comparison, the standard wheelchair grade incline is 12.5%. This simple, powerful, and durable motor will get you where you want to go, with ease.

The LT comes equipped with a 36v nominal voltage battery, weighing 6.1 lbs. 

How you choose to ride your electric trikes, such as in full-electric mode or pedal-assist mode, will greatly impact how much battery you spend.

Pedal-assist will use up considerably less battery time than if you have it on full-electric mode for the entire duration of the ride. Good news is that it will take only about 3 hours to recharge from 0-100%!

Easy-To-Read Segment LCD
The Liberty Trike features an easy-to-read backlit display with large text mounted on the handlebars. This advanced segment LCD includes a battery meter, speed, and trip distance readout, and adjustable assist level.

LCD screen displays can be found on most high-end electric trikes which offer handy information including speed, battery usage, distance covered, and remaining battery life to its user.

This is quite beneficial for monitoring how much mileage you have left, but it's not something that is necessary. This will depend entirely on personal preference.

Comfort Seat with Backrest
The Liberty Trike puts your comfort first, and the seat is no exception - the Liberty Trike uses a large, padded seat and comfortable backrest to help you keep your balance. We also offer a memory foam seat cover and a fur seat cover for those chillier months.

Have any additional questions about a Liberty Trike? Check out this page. And as always, we're always available 866.894.4620.

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