Let's See Those (Odometer) Miles!

August 08, 2022

Lets see your miles

We love our FB Group

The community is so amazing at sharing stories, swapping tips, tricks, adventures, the ups the downs—all of it. Sharing how far they've some on their Liberty Trikes is no exception.

Liberty Trike's LCD display serves a role of paramount importance. While the motor is the most defining component on the electric folding trike, the LCD display is the other feature that highlights the benefits of integrated technology that characterizes the machine.

One of our favorite feature on the LCD Display? It might just be the Odometer! For those not familiar, the odometer shows the mileage that has been ridden on the Liberty Trike (or any electric bike for that matter). It is a vital tool for assessing the rider’s progress. There is a notable difference between riders who have access to mileage covered and those that don’t. Riders who have odometer readings on their LCD displays tend to achieve greater goals relative to their counterparts. The odometer on the LCD display of an electric bike helps keep the users motivated. It allows riders to visualize their goals and watch them come to fruition on screen. 

We recently asked our Liberty Trike Group to show us how far they've come on their trikes (i.e. how many miles they've racked up). We love seeing the progress, we love the motivation, and we love all of the encouragement the group exudes. We also feel these odometer "check-ins" provide and opportunity for riders to motivate and encourage one-another.

Here are some of the fun responses we received from the FB post:

"Hit over 200 miles today about 209. We have had the two trikes for around 3 months. Love them! It helps having wooded shady paved bike trails to ride on in this heat. We peddle quite a bit and love the exercise and being back in the woods again where we used to ride non battery bikes and/or walk. Thanks Liberty Trikes for enabling us to go back to our favorite places. Love our Liberty Trikes!"

-@Rose Morton Hutchison

"I have had my Liberty trike, Pinky for over a year and a half now and I'm enjoying it very much. I live in a 55-plus community with long hallways and this is great exercise for both my knees that are bad and not I am not a good candidate for surgery. I have even drove it to go to a doctor's appointment down from where I live about a city block long. Rode it into the building, in the elevator and up to the doctor's office. Everyone made such wonderful comments about it. The miles are for my daily rides inside our halls and outside to local stores."   

ODOMETER picture  -@Kay Adrian


" Since I bought it I have put on 4704.6. Since 3/21/22 have rode 205.2.  

ODOMETER picture-@ Ginny Hill Butz

"About 2 years' worth of riding." 

ODOMETER picture -@ Steven Fletcher


"Gaspee is just a baby. I got her May 6."

ODOMETER picture -@Bethany Hyland Brown


 "Hit this picking my car up at the shop. Was hit in the rear 5/10 & after wouldn't start. Had to go from body shop to mechanic, new starter went bad. Road to the repair shop & took it apart & put it in the car. Because of mobility issues I had strapped my camp chair in my basket so I could sit to take it apart. Have had mine since Apr 2019 & mostly ride to shop."

Liberty Trike Odometer -@ Mary Margaret Pante'-Teel


Liberty Trike Odometer -@ April Cummings King


Liberty Trike Odometer -@ Linda Denke


Do you have a Liberty Trike? If so, does your odometer push you to surpass your goals? We'd love to hear what your experience has been like. Email us at info@libertytrike.com

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