Liberty Trikes: A Good Health Option for Seniors

August 28, 2022

Liberty Trikes: A Good Health Option for Seniors

As people age, they often find that traditional bikes are no longer a viable option for getting around. This is where Liberty Trikes come in – they provide seniors with a comfortable and easy way to get around town or explore nature.

This blog will discuss the benefits of Liberty Trikes for seniors and how they can improve overall health and wellbeing.

Why are Liberty Trikes becoming such a popular health option for seniors?

Liberty Trikes from EBT are becoming an increasingly popular health option for seniors. One reason for this is that they provide a low-impact workout. This is important for seniors, who may be at risk for injuries if they exercise too vigorously. These three-wheeled bikes are equipped with a powerful 750 watt motor, which provides power when pedaling becomes too difficult.

A recent study by Harvard shows nearly 41% of older adults aged 65-79 have at least one self-care, household activity, or mobility disability, but for those 80 and over, this share rises to nearly 71%. This can make it challenging to get around, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle and increased health problems. Electric trikes offer a solution by providing a simple and efficient way to get around. They are easy to operate and once you begin your Liberty Trike journey, you won't look back.

Liberty Trike

Electric trikes also allow seniors to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. This is especially important during this post-pandemic phase when many people were previously isolated indoors. Therefore, finding ways to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle is important.

What are the surprising benefits of these electric folding trikes?

In addition to the obvious benefits of electric trikes, there are also some surprising benefits.

1. Liberty Trikes can help improve mental health.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to increased anxiety and depression. Liberty Trikes provide a way for seniors to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, which can help improve mental health.

In one study, seniors who used electric trikes reported feeling happier and more relaxed after their rides. They also felt a sense of accomplishment from being able to complete their rides.

Electric trikes can also help improve cognitive function. Seniors who used electric trikes showed improvements in executive function, which is the ability to plan and organize. They also had better working memory and processing speed.

2. Liberty Trikes can help seniors stay active and independent.

For seniors, maintaining an active lifestyle can be a challenge. However, many find it difficult to walk long distances, so they often become isolated and stationary.

Electric trikes offer a solution by providing a convenient and easy-to-use form of transportation. With electric motor assistance, seniors can easily travel to the grocery store, visit friends, or explore their neighborhood. In addition, Liberty Trikes can be accessorize to fit your liking.  

For example, the Liberty Trike comes prepared with a rear basket but if you're feeling you may need more storage space, adding a front basket could help make all the difference. Want to make safety a priority? Our safety flag and headlight/tail light combo perfect for sticking out and ensuring safety. Need a little cushion in the back? Our memory foam seat cover can help with that!

Liberty Trike

3. Liberty Trikes can be an excellent way for seniors to socialize.

For many seniors, retirement can be a time of social isolation. With fewer opportunities to interact with others daily, it can be easy to become withdrawn and lonely. One way to combat this problem is to get involved in an activity that provides regular opportunities for social interaction.

Liberty Trikes can be a great option for seniors who enjoy being outdoors. 

These three-wheeled electric bikes also tend to be more stable than traditional bicycles, making them ideal for seniors who may have balance issues. Best of all, these e-trikes provide seniors with a chance to get out and about, meet new people, and enjoy the outdoors.

4. Strengthen bones and muscles

For many people, exercise is an integral part of maintaining good health. It helps to improve cardiovascular function, control weight, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. However, not all forms of exercise are equally beneficial.

Liberty Trike

High-impact activities like running can put a lot of stress on bones and joints, which can lead to injuries. Low-impact exercises like walking or swimming are often better for people looking to improve their health without putting their bodies at risk.

Electric trikes provide another low-impact option that can offer some great health benefits. Because they provide gentle resistance, Liberty Trikes can help to strengthen bones and muscles without putting too much strain on the body. They also provide a different speed options for people who want to cruise at different speed levels.

How much do electric trikes cost, and where can they be purchased?

Here at Liberty Trike, our electric trikes come in one standard price of $1,598. What's not standard, though, is the wide variety of color options (10 to be exact) that you'll get to choose from.

We also partner with Affirm where you're able to buy now, pay later. They make it easy by offering easy monthly payments over 6, 12, or 18 months.

Read reviews from other customers.

When shopping for anything, it's always a good idea to read reviews from other customers. By reading reviews, you can understand what others have liked and disliked and make a more informed decision about which one is right for you.

Liberty trike

Some things to remember when reading electric trike reviews include range, speed, durability, and ease of use. Are people happy with how far the trike can travel on a single charge? Is it easy to control and maneuver? How well does it hold up over time? Reading these reviews can help you better understand whether a particular model suits your needs. 

As mentioned above, another great place to get feedback, get questions answered, and get further insight is our Liberty Trike Owner Facebook Group. The community is amazing and are always exchanging tips, asking questions, sharing adventures, etc. It's a great place to understand more about the Liberty Trike! 

Final Thoughts

Don't let retirement stop you from living an active and independent lifestyle. With an Liberty Trike, seniors can easily stay on the move and enjoy all the benefits that come with it. We've heard it over and over from Liberty Trikers in our Facebook Owners Group. Feel free to join this group to get real-life insight from Liberty Trikers themselves!

Age is just a number. It's never too late to get out there and start pedaling your way to better health. Contact us via email or give us a call and our team of experts will help you in any way that we can! 

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