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June 07, 2022

Liberty Trike has literally gone to the Dogs!

Just about every dog loves the wind brushing their face while dangling its tongue, and we're pawsitive most of these Liberty Trike pups are no exception. And do you blame them? It's freeing, fun and wonder-fur. Tail wags in full swing!

And our bigger, stronger and high-energy four-legged friends with the stamina to walk, run, and play for extended periods of time, make the perfect side companions.

A bunch of our Liberty Trikers recently shared their pups (and cat!) and they were too cute not to share. Without further ado, meet some of our LT furry friends:


Sitting patiently in the rear basket is Cody.  Cody, a dog, is enjoy riding in his blue Liberty Trike.

"Newly adopted Cody out with me for a ride around the neighborhood. Pedaling helps my arthritic knees more than I could have imagined. I didn’t ride for two weeks while adjusting to having a new dog, and my knees got so stiff and achy. Now I need to custom make a basket liner for him. I love my Blue Breeze aka Breezy!" @Joanna Payling 

This 115 pounds dog, wishes he can go with his mommy for a ride.

"I really wish he could fit in my basket, but I'm looking for a trailer for my big guy, he has cancer so he's not going to run along & he's 115 pounds!" @Joy Taylor

Candy and Oliver and waiting patiently for their ride to begin.  Ellen and Candy are enjoying their ride together.


"Candy and her bff Olivia think the trikes are theirs!" @Ellen Zoltoski


"Soon to be moved to back basket! Growing!" @Thea Norman Madsen


@Kimberly Tenkate and her adorable chihuahua rocking pink sunnies 


@Jeff McCrystal's kitty cat 


"We have a small pull behind so that we can crate our pups." @Stacy Scruggs Gilfeather

meet-liberty-trike-pups  meet-liberty-trike-pups

"Cupid likes the wind lifting her ears and the free pupcicles at Polly Ann’s ice cream shop" -@Lizz Litteral Levy


@Stacy Scruggs Gilfeather


"Waiting to buy my truck secondhand the lady had an accident and can’t ride hers any longer I’m gonna go buy it but this is my first baby that will be in it." @Cathy Ann Paxos Rivera


"She likes the front basket better than the back and so do I! (I like to see her and she looks at me lovingly as we ride--she loves it!") @Shirley Stegman


"Ida Mae in the Milk Crate Express!" @Kramer Hilton  


"This is Emma, enjoying a ride on the Liberty Trike at a tractor show. She loves the Trike as much as I do!" @Toni Gibson


@Sue Piper Daniels 


"My cocker is small so she fits in my bigger back basket and loves going with me on short rides." @Sharon Young


"So far Rocco will sit but not ride!!"  @Patricia Hart

meet-liberty-trike-pups meet-liberty-trike-pups

@Kramer Hilton's pup all shaded up and ready for his favorite LT rides!


"I’ve been wanting to do this since I first got my trike, and finally did! It’s less than a mile from home. Nobody said anything to me despite the no dogs policy." @Emily Levy


Do you enjoy being a part of a fun, interactive community? The Official Liberty Trike Rider Page doesn't disappoint! Become a member and follow along as many Liberty Trikers swap stories, insights, tips, questions & answers - you name it! It's an amazing group!

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