Jenn Fuller Donates Her LT

August 17, 2022

Jenn Fuller Donates Her LT

Jenn's Post

August 7 at 9:48 PM 

Well, I am currently on Hospice Care due to cancer & unable to ride my Liberty Trike. I thought about selling it, but decided to donate it to an organization in Rapid City, SD that will find it a good home with a disabled child. Thank you, Jason Kraft, for setting an example by donating new trikes to kids with disabilities! Although mine wasn’t new, it only had 200 miles on it."

This was the message Jenn recently posted in the Liberty Trike Rider FB Group page (Aug. 7). This touched us in so many ways, especially her wanting to take after Electric Bike Technologies and give back by donating her Liberty Trike that she can no longer use. We wanted to show our support in return with a 'get well soon' gift:



 From Jenn: 

"I received this wonderful gift today from my friend Jason Kraft & the crew of Ebike Technologies (the company that made my Liberty Trike). Jason & I both love sloths.💕 Thank you Jason & crew!" 

Jenn's Adventures

Jenn has been a Liberty Triker since 2017 when she purchased her red trike. Since then she has contributed so much to the group, posting tips, her adventures, videos/photos—all of it! She was so active and full of exploration and we enjoyed every post she shared over the years. So much so that we felt the need to share some of her fabulous adventures:


"Day 5 - guess where? Seven miles on a new spur this afternoon - most scenic yet! Also broke in my new Cloud Nine Gel Bike Seat - what a difference! Shared the trail with the Custer High School track team - great kids! Met the coach, who was keeping up with them on her bike. Girls team has won state the past 2 years, and boys are contenders this year. Running at this altitude gives them an edge."

Jenn, 9/12/17



"Day 6 on the Mickelson Trail! Two hours -10 miles! Still had 3 bars left on the battery. I can feel my legs getting stronger. Thank you, Liberty Trike!" 

-Jenn, 9/13/17


"My first solo ride today! I rode to Crazy Horse, a little over 14 miles round trip. It was a bit on the chilly side, but I layered a couple of shirts beneath my windbreaker."

-Jenn, 10/1/17 

"Ah! Back on the trail today for my first ride of 2018! Felt good! Must have picked up a little padding in the derrière during winter, because my seat was quite comfortable! 😜
Getting in shape for my pledged 250 miles in June for the Great Cycle Challenge USA to benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Any other LT riders participating?"
-Jenn, 4/27/18

"Up and out for a ride @ 5:15 this morning! Enjoyed the company of whitetail deer, robins, bluebirds, donkeys, horses, and the beauty of God’s creation!


"Inaugural ride in the books! 3.4 miles on the Mickelson Trail in Custer SD. Not too shabby for a 66-year old with 5 hip surgeries under her belt! Thank you Liberty! — feeling fabulous with Bill Fuller."

Jenn,  9/8/17

Out for my first ride in a loooong time! in Townsend, Tennessee.

-Jenn, 3/30/20

A fun story behind good 'ol sloth:

When Jenn rocked her sloth tee in the FB group, she learned that Jason from EBT was a huge sloth fan as well so she sent him his very own. How thoughtful is that?!

We know how much Jenn's Liberty Trike meant to her and we can only imagine how hard it was to give it up. We wholeheartedly admire her strength, courage, and kind heart. We are wishing our friend Jenn a speedy recovery and all the best. We are thinking of you! 

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