Meet Jane K. and Big Orange!

July 29, 2022

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Here's Jane's big orange Liberty Trike.

"She has arrived and is charging!"
July 1st, 2021

"I am 57 and a Rheumatoid warrior since age 13. I have two artificial hips and an artificial knee. My hands are crippled, and I have rheumatoid lung."

Meet Jane—an inspiring mom, wife and grandma. She purchased her new Liberty Trike,

"Big Orange", a year ago and has been on the go since! We recently caught up with her to learn more about why she purchased her trike and all of her recent adventures. Here's what she had to say:

"I hadn’t ridden a bike since age 15 when I broke my hip in a skating accident. My hip did not heal properly. I had my first hip replacement at age 18. Recently, my husband and I were camping, and a 16 year old disabled girl was riding a tricycle. I asked her if I could see and could ride it. It did not have electric assist, but I could ride it with my grandchildren around the campground. I grew tired quickly. I could not keep up with my grands. A friend found out and gave me Schwann trike they had. Again, I could ride but my stamina was low. It was also too large and heavy for us to take camping. I started researching and found Liberty Trike.

A friend of mine in a nearby town actually owned one. I tried hers and ordered one shortly thereafter. We love that it breaks down, we love that it is fairly lite. Most of all I love that I can ride with my grands. I can ride with my husband. I could not do this on any other trike I researched."

We are absolutely loving Jane's new ventures. Since she received her trike, she has been exploring and venturing out in nature with her husband and it's so inspiring. Check out some of her recent adventures:
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"I love the outdoors and spent a lot of time on horseback when I was younger. Big Orange has allowed me to see so many beautiful sites that I could not hike to. My husband and I left SC on July 1 to go to Yellowstone and other places. We are spending 5 weeks on the road. We biked beautiful trails in Memphis and in Colorado Springs. I was able to trike both loops at Gardens of the Gods. Forgive me because I forgot my helmet a couple of times. I love my trike and the freedom it gives me. I did purchase an extra battery so that I can ride as long as my husband."
July 26, 2022



"We have triked and biked 40 miles in the last 2 days. Hart-Montague Bike Trail State Park and the Muskegon Lake Bike Path. I am so grateful for the freedom my LT gives me. Go Big Orange!"
-July 17, 2021


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"First of all, I love my LT because it gives me independence and freedom. I also love the app TrailLink. My husband and I travel a lot due to family living all across the country. We do have to break it down to travel as we have not bought a hitch carry yet. I do need assistance with that part. My last adventure has been triking the bay city, Mi rail trail. I rode over the Saginaw River! Pretty scary. I rode the entire loop by myself yesterday. This trail even has plugs in the city for charging. It has trails that go under many major bridges and has its own bridge crossing the Saginaw River. Great job Bay City on the design of your trail. If my husband is not riding with me I can pedal more. (His e-bike is fast!)"


Jane, thank you for being a part of the Liberty Trike community and for sharing all of your fun adventures. We can't wait to see more! 

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