• 100 miles with Liberty Trike!

    April 19, 2023

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    At Liberty Trike, we believe that every mile counts, and we strive to make each one of them coun...

  • Jenn Fuller Donates Her LT

    August 17, 2022


    This is for our good Liberty Triker friend, Jenn. Due to cancer (and needing hospice care), she decided it would be best to give up her beloved red Liberty Trike. Only, she didn't sell it, she decided to pass it along to an organization in SD that will find a disabled child in need of an electric trike.

  • Let's See Those (Odometer) Miles!

    August 08, 2022


    We love when Liberty Trikers keep track of their miles on their LCD Display. Having an odometer will push you to be better than yourself in every way you can be, which is why you should consider getting one even if you feel like you don’t need it. Check out what some Liberty Trikers had to say when we asked them to tell us how many miles they've rolled into.

  • Electric Trikes For Seniors And Active Retirees

    June 23, 2022


    Many associate biking with being young, but more and more seniors are heading out on bike paths, too.

    Almost 40% of all older adults have balance issues. This is one reason older individuals are at risk for falls. That inability to maintain proper balance can limit their mobility. A three-wheel adult trike takes the balance issue out of the equation, and many other physical and mobility, too. Learn why Liberty Trike is a senior or retiree's best friend.

  • EBT Donates Two Liberty Trikes to Camp Twin Lakes

    May 25, 2022


    Liberty Trike donates two etrikes to Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that focuses on helping kids and young adults with special needs.

  • EBT Gives Back to Preston's March

    May 11, 2022


    Liberty Trikes donates a Kid's Liberty Trike to Addison through the Preston's March organization.

  • Tips for New Liberty Trike Riders

    April 28, 2022


    You've made the decision to purchase a Liberty Trike - congrats! We know you'll absolutely love it. Now that you have your trike in your possession, here are a few tips to follow to ensure your experience is off to a great start!

  • Meet This Cool Dude - Micah!

    March 03, 2022


    Micah is a 12 year old boy that faces the challenges of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. His gifted Liberty Trike has given him ability to get out and enjoy riding wheels all over again!

  • A Special Letter From Bruce

    February 24, 2022


    While facing mobility issues, Bruce knew he wouldn't be able to walk his daughter down the isle on her big day. His liberty trike turned all of that around!

  • The Online Community of Liberty Trike Riders

    September 15, 2017

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    Six months ago, we created a Liberty Trike Owner’s group on Facebook for riders to post about the...

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