• Freedom on Three Wheels: Is the Liberty a Mobility Trike?

    April 19, 2023


    The Liberty Trike wasn't just designed to make you look cool cruising down the street, it was also created to help those with limited mobility zip around with ease. Who says you can't have fun while being practical?

  • What Makes Us Liberty?

    March 19, 2023


    What makes us, well, 'liberty'? Freedom, independence, and empowerment. The Liberty Trike embodies the concept of liberty by offering individuals the opportunity to explore their surroundings without any limitations. 

  • Electric Liberty Trike: Mobility for Disabled and Seniors

    January 18, 2023


    Aging and physical limitations shouldn't have to mean slowing down or that you can't enjoy cycling. The Liberty Trike is designed to assist and empower those facing challenges to get out and get riding!

  • Liberty Trike For Disabilities

    October 14, 2022


    There's a reason that people with limited mobility or a disability rave about their Liberty Trike. For many, a traditional bike is no longer an option so the idea of cycling seems farfetched, that is until they discover the Liberty Trike. It finally gives them the independence they've been longing for!

  • Liberty Trikes: A Good Health Option for Seniors

    August 28, 2022


    The Liberty Trike is truly good for anyone and is designed for anyone that wants to get around actively or effortlessly on 3 wheels. The stability, powerful hub motor,  and the compact design makes it very ideal for seniors. Read more to find out how seniors can benefit from the Liberty Trike!

  • Overcoming the Obstacles of Multiple Sclerosis with a Liberty Trike

    July 23, 2022

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    For people with MS, symptoms such as fatigue, iffy balance, weakness, and muscle spasticity can make traditional bike riding seem difficult or impossible. Liberty Trike has allowed those facing many debilitating diseases and muscle atrophy the freedom to ride once again.

  • Electric Trikes For Seniors And Active Retirees

    June 23, 2022


    Many associate biking with being young, but more and more seniors are heading out on bike paths, too.

    Almost 40% of all older adults have balance issues. This is one reason older individuals are at risk for falls. That inability to maintain proper balance can limit their mobility. A three-wheel adult trike takes the balance issue out of the equation, and many other physical and mobility, too. Learn why Liberty Trike is a senior or retiree's best friend.

  • How Liberty Trikes Enhance Recreation and Lifestyle for People with Special Needs

    May 23, 2022


    Don't allow mobility challenges to stop you from everyday life. Liberty Trike has been proven to assist those with special needs and/or mobility challenges with everyday life experiences. We'll review specialty features and ways Liberty Trikes are a user-friendly option for seniors and the disabled alike.

  • Liberty Trike Will Donate 20 Trikes in 2022!

    April 13, 2022


    EBT is donating 20 Liberty trikes this year to children in need of mobility assistance - or as we like to say - the freedom to move!

  • Muscles for Mckenna Gala

    March 22, 2022


    Electric Bike Technologies proudly attended and helped support Cure SMA at the 10th annual Muscles for McKenna Gala.

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