• What are the features of the Liberty Trike that make it powerful?

    December 25, 2022


    A Liberty Trike is similar to traditional trikes but with some (cool) features like a powerful motor and compact-style and easy folding! Learn more in this blog!

  • Liberty Trike Discussion with the CEO!

    December 13, 2022


    Jason Kraft, CEO of Electric Bike Technologies, Inc., highlights the history of Electric Bike Technologies Inc. and their most popular brand of electric tricycle designed for seniors, the Liberty Trike.

  • Where Can I Take My Liberty Trike?

    November 13, 2022


    Oh the places you'll go! Liberty Trikes have become a beacon of hope for so many, especially those mobile-challenged. It's pedal assist feature (powered by a heavy-duty motor), stability and compact size has made it so easy for riders to take it so many places.

  • What's Your Favorite Liberty Trike Feature?

    November 06, 2022


    There's so much to love and appreciate about the Liberty Trike. We recently asked our Liberty Trike Group to weigh in (for fun) to find out which of the awesome features they enjoy the most. The results are in, check it out.

    Do you own a Liberty Trike? If you completely love it and all that it offers, we'd love to here from you! Email us your story to info@libertytrike.com.

  • 6 Routes for Awesome Fall Season Liberty Trike Rides

    September 30, 2022


    Looking for some beautiful bike trails to soak in the fall season on your Liberty Trike? We have you covered with these must-visit spots!

  • 𝙁𝙖𝙡𝙡 in Love with Your Liberty Trike This Season!

    September 13, 2022


    Feel the cool wind in your face as you bike beneath a canopy of golden leaves. Whether as a solo adventure or a fun activity to embark on with friends and family, taking fall rides on your Liberty Trike is not only great exercise but a fantastic way to soak up a kaleidoscope of fall color while covering some serious ground.

  • Liberty Trikes: A Good Health Option for Seniors

    August 28, 2022


    The Liberty Trike is truly good for anyone and is designed for anyone that wants to get around actively or effortlessly on 3 wheels. The stability, powerful hub motor,  and the compact design makes it very ideal for seniors. Read more to find out how seniors can benefit from the Liberty Trike!

  • Jenn Fuller Donates Her LT

    August 17, 2022


    This is for our good Liberty Triker friend, Jenn. Due to cancer (and needing hospice care), she decided it would be best to give up her beloved red Liberty Trike. Only, she didn't sell it, she decided to pass it along to an organization in SD that will find a disabled child in need of an electric trike.

  • Let's See Those (Odometer) Miles!

    August 08, 2022


    We love when Liberty Trikers keep track of their miles on their LCD Display. Having an odometer will push you to be better than yourself in every way you can be, which is why you should consider getting one even if you feel like you don’t need it. Check out what some Liberty Trikers had to say when we asked them to tell us how many miles they've rolled into.

  • Overcoming the Obstacles of Multiple Sclerosis with a Liberty Trike

    July 23, 2022

    1 comment

    For people with MS, symptoms such as fatigue, iffy balance, weakness, and muscle spasticity can make traditional bike riding seem difficult or impossible. Liberty Trike has allowed those facing many debilitating diseases and muscle atrophy the freedom to ride once again.

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