EBT Gives Back to Preston's March

May 11, 2022

EBT Gives Back to Preston's March

Freedom it means something different to everyone. At Liberty Trike, it means giving someone the liberty to move again - or even for the first time. With a Liberty Trike, you can go from zero to one hundred in terms of mobility - no challenge or limitation hold-backs. 

That's the true beauty of our electric trikes. They're designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun, and freedom!

By now, most of you know that a big (and very special) part of our Liberty Trike brand is giving back, especially to kids with limited to no mobility. We've worked with some amazing organizations over the last few years and provided LTs to many children facing physical challenges caused by diseases like SMA, DMD, among others. These interactions have been true eye-opening, heart-felt experiences and the reason we are motivated (and excited) to keep these donation thriving.

Ebt Gives Back cycle

Most recently, we partnered with Preston's March, an amazing organization dedicated to providing children with special needs access to freedom, fun, and physical exercise via an adaptive bike. Their hope is to promote inclusion, and to educate those they serve and the community regarding the importance of physical fitness in the special needs population.

Deb Buenga began this organization after her son, Preston. Preston faces the difficulties of Mitochondrial Disease, which leaves him with low muscle tone and developmental delays. In 2011, Preston was blessed to have an adaptive bike donated to him through a fundraiser and the rest is history. Preston's March was created to 'pay it forward' and since it's establishment, they've been able to put smiles on 500+ kids. We applaud Deb and the organization for their dedication and passion to help kids in need.

We have a touching story within this organization about a little girl named Addison. We had been working directly with Deb Buenga, the Executive Director at Preston's March, to provide a Liberty Trike to child within their org. "I wanted to thank you for all your help in helping us make Addison's smile happen in Arkansas! Even though we couldn't be there we had an "angel" pick up the bike from the bike shop and surprise Addison with her new bike", she said. Deb was also kind enough to forward along a touching note from Addison's mom:

"We surprised Addison with her bike on March 19th. She definitely was surprised and overcome with emotion. She learned how to maneuver the bike very quickly and rode for several hours her first day. Since then she has enjoyed riding her back every afternoon, weather permitting. Addison is now sprinting off her ventilator for 4 hours a day, which is the perfect time to ride her bike without the extra safety measures. This has given her so much more freedom to enjoy something so simple with her siblings. Instead of sitting on the porch watching them play outside, she is now joining them. What a blessing! And when her legs tire out she has the electric option to kick in so she can continue to ride with them. She’s been very limited with her activity for the past 3 years and her bike has given her more freedom and pure joy than she’s had in such a long time. We cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful gift. Preston’s March is now on our list for fundraisers and donations. We have already chosen our first child on the waiting list to share this amazing opportunity with!"

Ebt Gives Back cycle

How cool is that we were able to help make Addison feel like she can be included with her siblings and regain the freedom she lost the past 3 years? It's incredible. Liberty Trikes are life-changing for so many and that gives us so much purpose.

Preston's MarchCure SMA and Camp Twin Lakes are some of the wonderful organizations we have had the privilege of working with. We're excited to have something awesome in the works with Camp Twin Lakes as we speak. More on that to come soon!

And in case you missed it, you can view our recent press release announcing our 20 trike donation in 2022!

Do you know someone that would benefit from our Liberty Trike for Kids program? Be sure to send them this link.

Feeling giving? You can donate to the program here.

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