Where Can I Take My Liberty Trike?

November 13, 2022

A purple Liberty Trike is sitting in the grass during a lunch break.
Three different Liberty Trike riders of all different abilities

Liberty Trikes offer people the opportunity to go places that may not be accessible to them otherwise. They can travel over surfaces such as bike lanes, paved bike paths, walking paths, roads, and sidewalks. Although they are not suited for highways or roads with speed limits over 30 mph where no bike lane is present, Liberty Trikes can safely be ridden on any hard, flat, compact paved or natural surfaces like dirt, sand, gravel, and even grass. It will also will operate on sidewalks, in bike lanes, and on bike paths where bikes are permitted.  

So where can you take your Liberty Trike?

So many places! Liberty trikes for seniors offer so many practical uses and opportunities to have fun. Use them to get around your local community, navigate heavy traffic, enjoy a walking trail or city park, explore the bike lanes instead of dealing with city driving, get out and see the countryside, or take your Liberty Trike on vacation and do some sight-seeing when traveling (think Las Vegas and using it at casinos, the hotel, the strip, etc). If you join our FB Group, here's a fun thread where many Liberty Trikers talk about which stores they've taken their LT! Many have had great luck with supermarkets like Publix or Safeway, doctor visits, drugstores, and classes. As always, if you're unsure, it's worth double-checking with a store manager or employee to be certain. 

Planning a trip to a theme park? As different parks have different rules, you need to check with the theme park you plan to visit for guidelines and restrictions before bringing your Liberty Trike along. We've heard some success stories but it's always worth looking into to as well. Below is a Liberty Triker June Fowler, enjoying herself at Epcot in Disney World!

This Liberty Triker is wearing Mickey Mouse ears at Disney

Here are a few other photos of Liberty Trikers by the beach, on boardwalks, hitting the trails, etc. The possibilities are truly endless!

This Liberty Trike is parked near the Cali beach


This Liberty Triker is riding her on a hard packed sand, Daytona Beach, FL

Are you a Liberty Triker? Where are all the places you've taken your trike? We'd love to hear your Liberty Trike story! Email us at info@libertytrike.com


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