Liberty Trikes for Kids!

October 10, 2022

Liberty Trikes for Kids!

Over the years, Liberty Trike has had the privilege of serving so many adults with their Liberty Trike purchases, but did you know that Liberty Trikes are perfect for kids too? We have worked with so many children over the years that have benefited tremendously from our etrike—kids diagnosed with SMA, DMD, and other debilitating diseases that have limited their mobility.

For many families that have a child with limited to no mobility, the Liberty Trike has been the ultimate key to their happiness. Most (if not all) of these children are not able to ride a traditional bike or trike and have always assumed that bikes were done for good. LT's compact design, stability, pedal assist feature, and awesome 10 shades make it so much fun and gives these kids the freedom to move!

Did you know that Liberty Trike offers a Liberty Trike For Kids program? It's a wonderful charitable program that provides some children to receive a donated LT from the company. Through inside and outside donations, LT has made it possible for children really in need to receive a free trike. Granted, there is an application to fill out and our team will review and select as many as we are able to offer, and of course, they're always available to purchase should we run out of contributions. 

Do you have a child that could truly benefit from a LT? Fill out our application. If you're able to contribute any amount, please do so here.

Here are a few Liberty Trike success stories that make us so happy: 

 Meet Vivian!



"Hello! Happy Labor Day Weekend! 🇺🇸
Some of you may know, some may question, and some may simply not know at all; our sweet daughter Vivian was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was 3. She is now ten. This was devastating news, but we continue to learn how to navigate her disease, appreciate our blessings, and understand many adults and children deal with much worse.
Back in May, my brother and sister-in-law, Trish N Gary Rice, informed me about a program assisting children with disabilities to become more mobile through a motorized trike. I submitted Vivian’s information and was notified she’d be a perfect candidate.
Friday we received a box…her motorized LIBERTY TRIKE arrived!!!! 🚴
After my husband Trevor and brother Gary assembled the bike, and with a little (or a lot) of encouragement Vivian was off and riding for the first time in her life. The freedom she felt to be that mobile, while being able to conserve her energy, is indescribable!
My birthday is today and I just received the best gift! 💝 To watch my child now able to participate in a leisure activity that gives many people so much joy is something some people will never understand. I can only try to describe the feeling it gave us as her parents to watch her participate in social interactions that once left her out due to not having the physical strength, stamina, or endurance to join.
We live in a wonderful community and in a neighborhood full of young children. Within minutes of her riding her new trike, she was met with many kids on scooters, roller blades, etc. and could now participate in the fun! Incredible! This is a game changer for Vivian. 💜💛
Liberty Trike has impacted Vivian’s life, and changed our lives as a family. Thank you will never be enough to express the gratitude in our hearts! We truly appreciate you, Jason Kraft and Kim Martin Heinrich. You’re making a difference in this world, one child, one person at a time. GOD BLESS YOU. ✝️
Thank you to our family and our village that continues to support Vivian! We love you all and nothing goes unnoticed. Even the friend that simply jumps in, without thinking twice, to open the juice bottle for her because she physically can’t do it! We see all of you! We cherish you! Thank you! ❤️
Thank you to James and his staff at Drue’s Kitchen for the delicious salad and Michelle at Sauced by Alfaro for the mouth watering wings! Our “trike presentation crew” enjoyed the bites!
Liberty Trike’s program for children with disabilities is funded on donations alone. Please help us spread the word so they can continue to spread the love.
Vivian, feel the breeze and cruise on baby!
💞💗💞 — with Kim Martin Heinrich and 2 others."


Meet Klara!

 "Just out for a bike ride with my besties! Something so many people take for granted but Klara only experienced it for the first time at age 11. Thank you Jason Kraft and Liberty Trike for helping to knock down barriers for Klara and so many kids like her! You have changed our lives. You gave us an opportunity we didn’t think possible and we cannot thank you enough!"

-Emily P.

Meet Jing!

"We got this bike for our son with cerebral palsy. Today was our first "family ride". He did well, but got tired. Not surprising in that he has not biked much. Side 14 year old daughter hit a patch of mud and took a bad spill. Cut up her knee pretty good and she couldn't ride her bike. Jing (my son) let her ride his LB back to the car, then I brought it back to him and mom. Daughter was quite grateful! So LB good for folks with disabilities and injured while biking!"

-Mike M.

These are only a few of the many Liberty Trike for Kids success stories. Whether it was a donated Liberty Trike or one that was purchased, the end story is always the same: these amazing children were able to experience a newfound freedom. The chance to engage in an activity with their family that they were never able to participate in before is a life-changing experience for them. Learn more about our Liberty Trikes here.

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