The Liberty Trike Cargo Trailer Is Here!

January 29, 2023

The Liberty Trike Cargo Trailer Is Here!

Introducing the Liberty Trike Cargo Trailer! It's here and ready to haul all of your cargo needs.

Trailers are an incredibly useful accessory for electric trikes. They allow you to carry more cargo and increase the overall versatility of your trike. Here are a few reasons they're awesome and can make your hauling experience so much better:

1. Trailers provide increased cargo capacity. This can especially come in handy as the Liberty Trike only comes equipped rear basket for carrying items (although a front basket is available for purchase separately which would help with additional storage). With a trailer, you can easily transport groceries, gardening equipment, camping gear, packages, and other items. This can make your trike much more practical for everyday use, especially for longer trips.

2. In addition to increased cargo capacity, trailers also provide increased stability. When you're carrying a heavy load on your trike, the weight can make the trike feel unstable and difficult to handle. With a trailer, the weight is distributed more evenly, which makes the trike feel more stable and easier to control. This can be especially important for older riders or those with balance issues, who may find it difficult to ride a trike with a heavy load.

3. Trailers also provide increased versatility. With a trailer, you can easily switch between carrying cargo and carrying passengers. This makes your electric trike much more versatile and useful for different types of trips. For example, you can use it to take your kids to school in the morning, and then use it to carry groceries home from the store in the evening.

4. Another benefit of this trailer is that it's relatively inexpensive. The Liberty Trike Cargo Trailer runs at $140 for a Tubular Steel Powder Coated Frame. Plus, you'll definitely get the bang for your buck if you envision yourself using it more times than not.

5. Last but not least, trailers are easy to install and use. All Liberty Trikes shipped from December 2022 already have a tab welded so it's an easy attachment process. For all Liberty Trikes shipped prior to this time, your Liberty Trike will not have the tab welded. Fortunately, though, there are many universal tabs that can be easily purchased vis Amazon that should do the trick. Once the trailer is attached, you can simply load it up and hit the road.

Whether you're a daily commuter or an avid adventurer, a trailer can be a great addition to your Liberty Trike, and help you get the most out of it.

Have you purchased yours? We'd love to see how you've been using it and what you've been hauling! Please feel free to share your experiences in our Facebook Group or feel free to email us at

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