What's Your Favorite Liberty Trike Feature?

November 06, 2022

A red Liberty Trike sitting at a playground


what are your favorite features of a Liberty Trike?

The Liberty Trike is unique in the eTrike space, but it's cool features make it the loved electric trike that it is. Although they all play an intricate role in the LT, we recently asked our Liberty Trike FB Group what their favorite feature is and the results are in...

A Liberty Trike poll on what is your favorite feature of the trike.

Taking the lead is the heavy duty motor! The 750w motor can help pull a 300 lbs. rider up an 18% grade with moderate input. For comparison, the standard wheelchair grade incline is 12.5%. This simple, powerful, and durable motor will get you where you want to go, with ease.

A closeup image of the Liberty Trike e-bike motor

Next in line as a "favorite" is the easy folding and disassembly. The Liberty Trike folds and disassembles for easy transportation and storage. It will fit in most hatchbacks and car trunks. The 24 inch rear width means you can roll it right through your front door (fully assembled)! This unique feature makes travel and storage much easier.

The Liberty Trike can fold for easy storage or for transport.

The twist throttle with reverse feature is also cool, and handy. It's an easy-to-use split-twist throttle with our unique reverse button toggle feature. You can get power when you need it, and back into tight parking spots!

The Liberty Trike has throttle-on-demand, use it when you need to or not.

The Liberty Trike's spacious, sturdy, and removable rear basket mounted securely down low is next. It's one of those bonus features that you can and can't live without. It's especially perfect for shopping trips around town, a seat for you little fur friend, lugging equipment, and so much more. We also offer an optional front basket with a quick-release mount. 

The large rear wire basket can hold many items, for your next adventure on a Liberty Trike.

Lastly, the Liberty Trike features an easy-to-read backlit display with large text mounted on the handlebars. This advanced segment LCD includes a battery meter, speed, and trip distance readout, and adjustable assist level.

Do you love all that your Liberty Trike offers? Has it made an impact in your life? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at info@libertytrike.com.

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