The Online Community of Liberty Trike Riders

September 15, 2017

A Liberty Trike rider enjoys her day outside.

Six months ago, we created a Liberty Trike Owner’s group on Facebook for riders to post about their experiences on our Liberty Electric Tricycles. Since then, the group has expanded from just a few people to 329 members and counting. We never imagined that this online community would grow into such a positive and uplifting space. The Liberty Trike team could not be more grateful to our owners for demonstrating the type of attitudes that we stand for.

In addition to Liberty Trike owners, the group also welcomes interested buyers to get a feel for the e-trikes. New members can gain a wide range of information through other member’s posts, and they can also ask questions of their own. New riders are joining the conversation every day and are welcomed into the group with open arms. The Liberty riders are sincerely happy to see someone new post about their experience on the e-trike.

The Liberty Trike Owners group also welcomes interested buyers.

Because the electric trikes are only sold online and the warehouse to test ride them is far for some, many Liberty owners have offered to let interested riders test out their own. All it takes is a quick post for someone to realize a Liberty Electric Trike owner is closer than they think.

An interested buyer wants to try a Liberty Trike, so they ask online and plenty of people offer their own Liberty Trike for them to try.

The group’s “veterans” are always quick to answer questions and concerns that others may have in regards to their trikes.  Other posts, however, are very lighthearted and silly. One post even asked if anyone had given their trike a name.

Have you named your Liberty Trike?

These men and women have truly created a space where everyone feels accepted. By coming together in the Liberty Trike Owner’s Group, they have bonded over their mutual love of Liberty Trikes and also created a strong community along the way.

Liberty Trike Owner’s Group is a friendly group of people
You can ask questions in the Liberty Trike Owner’s Group

We at Liberty Trike are truly grateful to have customers who are so genuinely kind. On behalf of the entire team, we wholeheartedly thank you for your continued support of our business.

Join the conversation today.

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Maureen Hanson
Maureen Hanson

April 19, 2023

I am so excited for the snow to melt an I am on my way as a trike rider. Should be soon.
But I do need a support for my arthritic wrist and can’t find where to find them. I know there is a link. Can anyone out there help me in this regard?

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