Tips for New Liberty Trike Riders

April 28, 2022

Welcome to wonderful world of Liberty Trike – Freedom to Move

Wohoo! You've made the move and purchased your electric trike - congrats! Welcome to the Liberty Trike community -- we’re here to help you make the most of your journey. 

As new owners -- or even existing owners -- we thought a few of these tips would help as you get acclimated to your new Liberty Trike.


Theft Protection

You just got your new Liberty Trike and and you can't wait to ride it around town. You already planned to use it for trips to the grocery store, coffee shops, socializing and for exercise. You may not have the option to take the Liberty Trike inside the store, so you will need to leave it outside. Do you have a lock? If not, are you willing to take the chance and leave it outside, for "just a minute?"

Thwart thieves by registering and locking your trike with Bike Index, a nonprofit online bike registry that offers to register bikes for FREE! 

To sign up, all you need is your email address, name and create a password. If you happen to sell your Liberty Trike, it’s free to transfer the bike ownership to the new owner. If you have more questions, check out Bike Index, help section, where you’ll find your answers.

To access your Liberty Trike's serial number, turn your Liberty Trike upside down and look at the bottom bracket, (where the two crank arms meet the frame). Locate the numbers and write them down and take a picture of the serial number. We understand this may not be an easy task for some. If that's the case, it may be worthwhile to ask a friend or relative for assistance.

Then, source the best lock that you can afford and easily tote along on your rides. Finally, whenever possible, store your Liberty Trike or park it in direct view of a security camera (businesses such as banks are ideal).


Safety First

  • Head Protection: Most municipalities require bike riders wear a helmet. Regardless if it’s a legal requirement, we strongly recommend you protect your noggin’ with a helmet. 
  • Visibility: Your goal is to be as visible as a car on the road. Wear bright colors that are easily seen; then, be sure to wear light-colored (or light-integrated) apparel for night rides. Should you be riding on dark trails, unlit streets or just at night in general, you may want to add our headlight/taillight set and consider a safety flag. We'd also recommend our 3" round mirror that can be mounted on the left or right side.

Gear Up

You have your Liberty Trike. But do you have what you need for your ideal ride? LT offers accessories that can suit a variety of needs, including assorted saddles like the memory foam seat cover, a front basket, our newly-released Liberty Trike stand, pedal extenders, and more

GEAR UP picture

GEAR UP pictures

Elevate your Liberty Trike Experience

One of the greatest parts about buying a Liberty Trike is joining the Liberty Trike community. Spread out among multiple social platforms, your fellow Liberty Trikers riders are a great resource to chat all things trikes. Celebrate milestones, show off customizations, or take pics and share your journeys - it's truly amazing!

Click here to join our Facebook group that houses over 3.5K members - we'd love to have you!

Keep Learning

Finally, don’t forget to follow Liberty Trike's social channels - we want to hear your milestones, too, and see the pics you’re sharing! We love to share images and stories from our riders.

You’ll also find updates on offerings, accessories, and riding advice to help you get the most out of your Liberty Trike. 
We recommend browsing a few additional
blogs and videos that offer advice and tips on storage, battery, repair, and so much more! Lastly, check out our Liberty Trike Owners Manual for more details. 

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