100 miles with Liberty Trike!

April 19, 2023

100 miles with Liberty Trike!

At Liberty Trike, we believe that every mile counts, and we strive to make each one of them count. We understand that riding a trike can be a life-changing experience, and we want to celebrate every milestone with our community.

That's why we recently asked our Liberty Trike group to let us know who has hit their 100-mile mark. So many are new and a ton have been rocking their Liberty for years, racking hundreds of miles are this point. We know that for many riders, reaching this milestone—along with other milestones—is a significant achievement, and we want to recognize and celebrate this accomplishment with them.

For those who are not familiar with the Liberty Trike, it is a high-quality, lightweight electric tricycle designed specifically for seniors and people with mobility issues. It is an excellent option for those who are looking for a safe, reliable, and easy-to-use mode of transportation.

When we asked our Liberty Trike community to share their 100-mile milestone with us, we were excited to see all the responses rolling in. We received messages and emails from riders all across the country, sharing their stories of how they got started with the Liberty Trike and how it has changed their lives.

One rider, Norma G., shared that she got 100 miles on March 8th! It had 17 miles on it when she got it used and a few neighbors have tried it out, but she had some miles on mine her that she bought new before she found this one. Norma gave her original red Liberty to her husband and took the purple one for herself! "How could I not?", she said. "The previous owner had a sticker on the back of the seat with an Iris flower on it, plus the word Iris! My mom’s name was Iris! How sweet is that!!! We ride at least once every day! Got it about one month ago! Had been struggling with mobility issues for years and had given up on the idea of ever riding a bike again." However, after discovering the Liberty Trike, Norma was able to regain her freedom and independence and has now logged over 200 miles on her trike.

Way to go, Norma! We can't wait until you reach your 500 and 1000-mile mark!


Another rider, Cheryl D., shared that she absolutely loves her trike and that she'll be a part of a 100-mile cancer challenge that started April 1st. "It has helped me so much in rehabbing my knees after bilateral knee surgery. My trike is over a year old and I get about 12 miles at 4. I do pedal all the way. It takes me an hour and half to do 10 miles. Mostly I bike on light sandy roads and it is flat. I hope some of you are considering to do a challenge on yours!", she said.

Cheryl most likely already hit her 100 mile goal and if not, this challenge is sure to get her there! We're rooting for you, Cheryl!


Kathy H. said she hit 101.4 on March 31st! She started her ride in December "Living on a paved greenway with 17 miles of trails makes it great! Short vacation (first time taking our trikes… hubby has one too) to Savannah and Tybee Island.", she said.

These stories and many others like them are why we believe that every mile on a Liberty Trike is worth celebrating. We understand that for many of our riders, the Liberty Trike represents a new beginning, a second chance, or a renewed sense of freedom and independence. We want to honor and celebrate these milestones with our community and show our support for their accomplishments.

In addition to celebrating our riders' milestones, we also believe that sharing these stories can inspire and motivate others who may be struggling with mobility issues or looking for a new way to stay active and engaged. Looking for even more motivation and encouragement? Join our community to read more stories and why so many have had success with their Liberty.


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Reginald Cowell
Reginald Cowell

June 13, 2023

Do you have a showroom where we could sit on one?

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