John D. Shares His First Ride

April 21, 2016

John from Tampa, FL shares his experience on his Liberty Trike

John on his Big Orange Liberty Trike

EBT people,

Today I took the first extended test drive on my new “Big Orange” Liberty Trike of about nine miles. Everything went pretty much the way I thought it would. I did get a lot of stares and smiles from walkers, drivers, outside diners, and especially kids.

I am very pleased with the power of the motor. It was able to handle my 275lbs in good fashion. In fact, I wouldn’t want it to be any more powerful or faster than it is right now. I have to admit to maxing out at 11.5 to 12 MPH when the way ahead permitted.

With flashing lights front and rear, I used the bike lanes on the roads here in Tampa when sidewalk riding might interfere with pedestrians or slower bikes. The basket was great for holding a cooler bag with water and my small camera bag. At the end of the trip, the battery still showed 4 bars. I’ll try 15 miles next time and see what the battery indicator says then.

The build quality is what I expected from a Worksman trike, since I have purchased three industrial trikes from them in the past for my workers. However, I was a bit surprised to find a 13mm nut on the handlebar clamp and 1/2” on the seat clamp. Huh?? I’m not a big fan of the quick release clamps anyway. I know they are necessary for breaking the bike down quickly without tools, but I can’t stand any movement at all.

I am a bit disappointed that the one speed is impossible to get up to any speed under pedal power. I had hoped that the trike could be somewhat useful without power. That overdrive on the Sturmey Archer 2 speed might have been nice. In fact, three or more speeds would be better.

I can’t wait to take this trike to the zoo. I’ll let you know how Lowe's and Walmart feels about running up and down their aisles.

Best regards,
John D
Tampa, FL

John's Big Orange Liberty Trike in Tampa FL

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