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Some outings just aren’t the same without your trustee four-legged companion. Our Liberty Trike community shared their pups on (or near) their trikes and let's just say, it's pawsome! Read More
You name your pet, your child, and you might even name your car, but have you ever considered naming your etrike? Let's just say, we have a bunch of Liberty Trikers out there that slapped a name to their trike with zero regrets! Here's a fun post highlighting the names we received and the meaning behind some of them. Read More
Liberty Trike donates two etrikes to Camp Twin Lakes, an organization that focuses on helping kids and young adults with special needs. Read More
Don't allow mobility challenges to stop you from everyday life. Liberty Trike has been proven to assist those with special needs and/or mobility challenges with everyday life experiences. We'll review specialty features and ways Liberty Trikes are a user-friendly option for seniors and the disabled alike. Read More
Liberty Trikes donates a Kid's Liberty Trike to Addison through the Preston's March organization. Read More
What better than exploring nature's beauty? Exploring nature's beauty on a Liberty Trike! Get your Liberty Trike ready - we've gathered a list of paved bike trails to explore. Read More
You're made the decision to purchase a Liberty Trike - congrats! We know you'll absoutely love it. Now that you have your trike in your posession, here are a few tips to follow to ensure your experience is off to a great start! Read More
Need a fun outdoor activity this spring and summer to do with a loved one, family, or friends? All you need is your Liberty Trike, a delicious packed (or purchased) meal, and the perfect location! Read More
Having technical difficulties? No worries. You can now send text messages that include images and videos to our Customer Service Text Line! Read More
Kim gives us insight on what it's like to have a child with SMA and how a Liberty Trike has benefited her daughter, Allison. Read More
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