• What's Your Favorite Liberty Trike Feature?

    November 06, 2022


    There's so much to love and appreciate about the Liberty Trike. We recently asked our Liberty Trike Group to weigh in (for fun) to find out which of the awesome features they enjoy the most. The results are in, check it out.

    Do you own a Liberty Trike? If you completely love it and all that it offers, we'd love to here from you! Email us your story to info@libertytrike.com.

  • 10 Advantages and Benefits of Liberty Trikes: For Seniors and Fun Rides

    November 01, 2022


    Electric Trikes are becoming the choice of various people in the world. Due to this, the electric trike market is expected to increase significantly between 2022 and 2030, at a CAGR of 15.4%. An electric 3-wheel bicycle, like the Liberty Trike, is not only the best for adults or children but especially the elderly and disabled. Here are 10 reasons why!

  • Liberty Trike For Disabilities

    October 14, 2022


    There's a reason that people with limited mobility or a disability rave about their Liberty Trike. For many, a traditional bike is no longer an option so the idea of cycling seems farfetched, that is until they discover the Liberty Trike. It finally gives them the independence they've been longing for!

  • 10 Tips for Cycling in Autumn

    October 11, 2022


    Pumpkin spice season not only offers colorful fall foliage, but the cooler temperatures and crisp fresh air make Liberty Trike rides extra enjoyable. Taking care of your health should remain top of mind, especially during the cooler months. Here are 10 tips that'll help prepare you for those rainier, cooler days.

  • Liberty Trikes for Kids!

    October 10, 2022


    Did you know that our Liberty Trikes aren't only for adults? Many parents seek out a trike that their disabled child can easily and safely ride and it's only until they find the Liberty Trike that they know it's THE ONE. Every story we've had the privilege of reading about only pushes us to want to get more kids on Liberty Trikes.

  • 6 Routes for Awesome Fall Season Liberty Trike Rides

    September 30, 2022


    Looking for some beautiful bike trails to soak in the fall season on your Liberty Trike? We have you covered with these must-visit spots!

  • Liberty Trikes and the Rain: 5 DO'S AND DON'TS

    September 28, 2022


    It’s no secret that riding your Liberty Trike is excellent exercise, but when it comes to riding an electric trike in the rain, there are a few things every rider should be aware of. Whether it’s in regard to the type of clothing you wear or how you setup your electric trike, staying safe while riding in the rain is of the utmost importance.

  • The Best 3-Wheel Electric Trike For Seniors

    September 17, 2022


    Liberty Trikes are a great recreation option for seniors who have balance issues or are beginning to have mobility problems. Our e-trike makes it fun and easy for seniors with a step through design, a padded seat, multiple speeds, and fully assembled delivery.

  • 𝙁𝙖𝙡𝙡 in Love with Your Liberty Trike This Season!

    September 13, 2022


    Feel the cool wind in your face as you bike beneath a canopy of golden leaves. Whether as a solo adventure or a fun activity to embark on with friends and family, taking fall rides on your Liberty Trike is not only great exercise but a fantastic way to soak up a kaleidoscope of fall color while covering some serious ground.

  • How Your Liberty Trike can Keep You Riding all Fall

    September 07, 2022


    Ahhh crisp air, beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves, and pumpkin everything! There's nothing quite like the fall season. The temps may drop but that doesn't mean your Liberty Trike should hibernate just yet! Here's how your LT can keep you riding this fall season.

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