Freedom on Three Wheels: Is the Liberty a Mobility Trike?

April 19, 2023

Freedom on Three Wheels: Is the Liberty a Mobility Trike?

The Liberty Trike is a unique and innovative form of transportation that has taken many by storm, especially those with limited mobility. 

But did it originate specifically as a mobility trike? Yes and no. The Liberty Trike was born out of a desire to create an electric tricycle that could be used by people of all ages and abilities—which it still is. However, we soon began to notice something interesting. We found that a large number of our customers were people with limited mobility who had previously struggled to find a safe and reliable mode of transportation. The Liberty Trike offered them a newfound sense of freedom and independence, allowing them to go where they wanted, when they wanted, without having to rely on anyone else. How amazing would that feeling be?

Woman on a liberty trike in a store

So to ensure we were keeping up with our top market, we always made sure to listen and make adjustments and perfect it as needed. It's light-weight (definitely lighter than anything you'll find on the market), compact, easily folds and disassembles, AND offers a spacious rear basket to store groceries and haul light loads. Our heavy-duty motor made it easy to ride, while its stable design ensured that riders always felt safe and secure. Its compact size also made it ideal for navigating busy city streets, store isles and crowded sidewalks.

The Liberty Trike grew wildly with those that had limited mobility. The best part? Riders get the feeling of mobility without actually looking like a mobility device...

Woman on Liberty Trike


We also began working very closely with many non-profits and donating Liberty Trikes to kids that could benefit from our eTrike.

Today, the Liberty Trike is one of the most popular forms of mobility transportation on the market. It offers a safe, stable, and independent ride for people of all abilities, while also providing a sense of fun and adventure. The Liberty Trike's popularity has even led to the creation of a thriving community of riders who share their experiences and support one another. What's even more interesting is that recently, many of our Liberty Trikers provided us with valuable insight on the topic of mobility devices. Many mentioned that the Liberty offers all the benefits of a mobility device without having the typical appearance of one.

Have any questions, concerns, or simply love your Liberty Trike? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at!

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