How Liberty Trikes Enhance Recreation and Lifestyle for People with Special Needs

May 23, 2022

How Liberty Trikes Enhance Recreation and Lifestyle for People with Special Needs

For years since its creation, electric trikes were seen as practical alternative modes of transportation. Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more recognized as useful aids to those with special needs.

Aging and physical limitations shouldn’t slow someone down, or mean that they can’t live their lives’ full potential. It is a good thing that innovations like etrikes are now made more accessible. In this blog, you will find out how this reliable mobility equipment can help enhance one’s lifestyle and recreation. 

Liberty Trikes: Defined

Just like the traditional tricycle, it has two rear wheels and one front wheel. This electric ride is known for its comfort, ease, and speed. It is also a very popular mobility option among elders and those with disabilities. With its ergonomic design, the e-ride has seen a surge in its patrons and is becoming more essential in the electric ride-able industry.

The Liberty Trike has some features that a traditional tricycle doesn’t have. First of all, it runs on electric power. This means that it is easier to operate compared to a manual trike. It can be driven effortlessly just by a twist of the throttle, or light pedaling.   


LTs are already equipped with rear baskets and a comfort seat with a backrest but if you're looking for more storage and extra cushion, LT offers a front basket and memory foam seat cover.

All of these features make it a user-friendly option for seniors and the disabled alike. There are more convenient qualities to a Liberty Trike, too. 

Features of a Liberty Trike

Much like an e-bike, these etrikes have smart features that make them worth the purchase. Aside from their unique built and designs, let’s take a look at other features and functions that make them a crowd favorite.

Easy-To-Read Segment LCD – The Liberty Trike features an easy-to-read backlit display with large text mounted on the handlebars. This advanced segment LCD includes a battery meter, speed, and trip distance readout, and adjustable assist level.


Comfort Seat with Backrest – The Liberty Trike puts your comfort first, and the seat is no exception - the Liberty Trike uses a large, padded seat and comfortable backrest to help you keep your balance.

Easy Folding and Disassembly – The Liberty Trike folds and disassembles for easy transportation and storage. It will fit in most hatchbacks and car trunks. The 24” rear width means you can roll it right through your front door (fully assembled)! This feature makes it easy for someone to take it anywhere; whether it be to a doctor’s appointment or a beach trip. This feature adds to the e-ride’s functionality.

Heavy-Duty Motor  The 750w motor can help pull a 300 lbs. rider up an 18% grade with moderate input. For comparison, the standard wheelchair grade incline is 12.5%. This simple, powerful, and durable motor will get you where you want to go, with ease. This aspect becomes helpful in boosting confidence and sense of enjoyment.  

Twist Throttle with Reverse – The Liberty Trike features an easy-to-use split-twist throttle with our unique reverse button toggle feature. You can get power when you need it, and back into tight parking spots!


Making the Most out Of Life with a Liberty Trike

As someone with special needs, a person might think and feel he is limited when it comes to what he can do and achieve. Until some years ago, this was somehow true. Thanks to modern technology and innovation, this is no longer the case now. Not only are they able to go out and enjoy their day, but they can also be able to become productive members of society. Even more, they can now enjoy the great outdoors and playing sports as much as others do.

All these are made possible by innovations like the electric trike bike for adults, seniors, and those with limited abilities. Below are some aspects in which an e-trike can be helpful to someone with special needs.

  • With LT, a person with limited abilities can fulfill his daily chores. Because of its smart features, an e-trike isn’t just limited to the use of an abled person. It is designed to be enjoyed by everyone and gives people a chance to be productive every day, giving them the freedom to move. Even doing the groceries, getting to the park, meeting up friends, etc. can be easily done with a LT.
  • This personal mobility equipment allows those with special needs to feel more independent. Being able to go around freely without the need of being pushed gives someone a deeper sense of independence. This will also result in them feeling more confident about themselves, and will make them ready to take on new challenges.
  • E-trikes help increase their productivity. One insecurity a person with special needs might have is the feeling of not being productive. With mobility equipment like the Liberty Trike, a person is able to participate in social activities, get to work, run errands, go on picnics - wherever they need to go - just like others. Ultimately, allowing someone to feel more confident about themselves.
  • Riding a Liberty Trike can provide much-needed exercise and therapy. Being cooped up in the house or a facility can affect someone’s physical and mental health. It is a good thing that there are 3-wheel electric bikes that can help them become more physically active. With the help of such assistive mobility equipment, they can get the chance to go out to enjoy nature, the outdoors, roads, and even off-roads too. They can also squeeze in exercise, as biking is a known source of cardio activity, and helps build muscle mass as well. Not is it only practical, it’s good for one’s health too!

Mobility equipment like Liberty Trikes can be considered as a huge gift to mankind when it comes to these aspects, and we're honored to say we've heard this directly from our amazing customers. They have been very instrumental in changing the life of many people, and they will definitely continue to do so

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