Liberty Trike Success Stories!

March 30, 2022

Liberty Trike Success Stories!

By now, we know the positive mental, emotional and physical affects that can come from getting on your Liberty Trike. It's truly amazing what getting outdoors and movement can do to our overall health - especially when mobility is an issue! For many, it gives them the freedom to move again.

That said, today we're going to shed some light on a few stories that came from Liberty Trike owners who have or are currently experiencing difficulties and ways their trike has benefited them... 


“The liberty trike is an extension of your independence.”

Meet Milton! He is an avid Liberty Trike user and rides his bike all the time for balance. Milton, unfortunately, is battling  Parkinson's disease and after some time, he wasn't able to ride an ordinary bike. He almost gave up on cycling all together until he found Liberty Trike a year ago - which he said gave him the freedom to do what he wants. He takes it everywhere! 
"It's an excuse to get out of the house. It motivates me to get out of the house and enjoy life. It's good therapy for me", said Milton. 

We love his perspective, his motivation and his drive to continue living life to the fullest even when dealing with a horrible disease, such as Parkinson's. You're an inspiration, Milton! Hang in there and we hope your Liberty Trike keeps you going! 


"The trike was a large part of my recovery, and, by the end, the therapists were recommending it to their other patients."


This is Donna! 

Donna broke her pelvis in a motorcycle accident and could barely walk - let alone get astride a bike. Fortunately, she had her Liberty Trike on hand.

"It was easy to get onto the trike, for one thing. I could pedal as much as I wanted, using the throttle when I wanted", she said.

Donna took her trike to her physical therapy appointments for 6 months. When she started, she needed a step stool to get onto the therapy table, but she could still ride the trike. The trike was a large part of her recovery, and, by the end, even her therapists were recommending it to their other patients! Now that's amazing!

We are so thrilled that Liberty Trike has been such a huge part of your recovery, Donna! 


"He can only walk about a block but he’s racked up 222 miles on his LT just in our “greater” neighborhood."


Hey Cary and pup! 

Cary suffered a spinal cord injury in September 2017 and had to have surgery in November 2017. We spoke to his wife - Shirley - and she gave us his Liberty Trike story.

After surgery, Cary had to work at walking again, along with many other skills of daily living. He learned to walk with a walker, then canes, so on. They purchased their Liberty Trikes around Spring 2018 and it gave Cary such a boost! "He could be much more independent, getting out in our neighborhood, enjoying our Arizona climate— except in our hot summer! He’s got over 200 miles and always has a smile on his face on his LT!", said Shirley.

She went on to say, "he can only walk about a block but he’s racked up 222 miles on his LT just in our “greater” neighborhood.  Gets to enjoy the weather and "kibbutz” with people!  It opens up his world!"

Such a motivating story for those who have endured a traumatic injury and major surgery. Cary, we wish you the best of luck and hope you continue strong towards your road to recovery - you got this! 


“Birdie” has let me get out and do things I had not been able to do for a few years.



Meet this awesome woman -  who goes by Ashberry - and her Liberty Trike, Birdie! She is dealing with a major hardship in life as she is currently battling Multiple Myeloma - a non-curable cancer. 

 "My “cocktail” of meds leaves me with muscle weakness, shortness of breath and fatigue. Birdie has let me get out and do things I had not been able to do for a few years", she said. She's now able to make it to farmers markets, art festivals and all kinds of trails. With the help of Birdie, she was recently able to work on her garden. She said she's stubborn enough to just keep going and we found that to be so admirable.

She is the epitome of courage and inspiration. Keep living life to the fullest and keep on those pedals - we know it has made a positive impact in your life which is incredible!


A BIG thank you to everyone that shared their inspiring stories. You guys know how much they mean to us. Each and every one holds a special place in our Liberty Trike hearts. You all are amazing - now get out there and keep racking those miles!


Have an inspiring story to share? We'd love nothing more than to receive it. Feel free to send it to: 

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