Adjusting the Liberty Trike for an Ideal Rider Height

July 20, 2023

Adjusting the Liberty Trike for an Ideal Rider Height

In this tutorial video, we'll guide you through the process of adjusting your Liberty Trike to achieve the perfect fit for your height. No matter if you're taller, shorter, or anywhere in between, we'll cover the necessary adjustments for the seatpost, seat back, and handlebars to ensure a comfortable and personalized ride.

To start, let's focus on adjusting the seatpost. Simply open the quick-release lever (seatpost clamp) and lower or raise it to your desired height. If you require the seat to go even lower, our team can assist you in trimming back the tabs on the basket, allowing for further adjustment. Remember, every Liberty Trike seat has a minimum insertion point, so make sure you adjust within the specified range. Once you've found the ideal seat height, securely tighten the quick-release lever.

Next, let's address the seat back. Undo the adjustment mechanism and effortlessly adjust it up or down to find the most comfortable position. If it feels a bit stiff, don't worry, just ensure that you tighten it securely after reaching your desired height.

Now, let's focus on the handlebars. You'll need a 6mm Allen wrench and a 13mm socket wrench or box end wrench. Behind the LCD, use the 6mm Allen key to slightly loosen the bolts, this will allow you to move the handlebars closer or further from you, depending on your preference. Once you've achieved the desired position, remember to tighten the bolts securely.

Now you have the knowledge and tools to adjust your Liberty Trike to the perfect fit for your height. Enjoy a comfortable and customized riding experience tailored just for you.

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