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Welcome to our Dimensions page, where you can discover the detailed measurements of the Liberty Trike. Understanding the dimensions of your trike is essential, whether you're curious about storage options, transport possibilities, or simply ensuring a comfortable fit.

Liberty Trike's length of 55in, width of 26in, and height of 44in
Front half: 25.5in in length, and 42in in height. Seat: 11.5in in width, and 28.5in in height. Basket: 17in in length, 14in in width, and 8in in height. Rear Half: 26in in width, and 37in in height.
Front and rear halves weight 25 pounds each and the battery alone is 6 pounds, for a total weight of 56 pounds.
On most rear carriers, rotate the front wheel 90 degrees and it measures 52in tire-to-tire
When the rear basket is removed and folded, it measures 34in in length, 26in in width and 41-44in in height.