The Best 3-Wheel Electric Trike For Seniors

September 17, 2022

Everyone can enjoy a Liberty Trike

Electric trikes are becoming increasingly popular as a form of transportation for adults and especially seniors because they are easy and fun to ride. People prefer them to traditional bicycles because of the numerous benefits.

Seniors can be uncomfortable riding a standard bike due to balance concerns. Bicycles with three wheels are a fantastic alternative, tack on an electric motor, and they are even more of a practical option.

Why Seniors Benefit from Liberty Trikes

Many associate biking with being young, but more and more seniors are heading out on bike paths, too. Although bike riding is good for you at any age, there are some downsides for some.

Almost 40 percent of all older adults have balance issues. This is one reason older individuals are at risk for falls. That inability to maintain proper balance can limit their mobility.

A Liberty Trike takes the balance issue out of the equation. Even a senior can usually manage to ride a three-wheel bike with balance issues. 

Now, if you tack on an electric motor, you up the benefits significantly. An electric motor ensures the rider can stay on the bike for longer. The motor will assist when pedaling gets difficult and, in some cases, run without you pedaling at all.

What this means for anyone using an electric adult tricycle is you don’t have to struggle when on a hill or to ride against the wind. For trikes that have full-throttle options, you can ride for as long as you want and then let the motor bring you home. That means enjoying more time outdoors.

Liberty Trike

Having an electric trike may give seniors ways to stay active and independent. They can exercise, use the trike from transportation and enjoy time outside by themselves or with friends or family. Our Liberty Trike opens up new possibilities for the older individual with balance or mobility issues.

Some key benefits of a Liberty Trike include:

    • It offers stability that you don’t get with a two-wheeler.
    • Ultra-compact and portable; it folds and disassembles for easy transportation and storage. making it easier storage or getting into the back of a vehicle. 
    • The electrical system and powerful hub motor enable the Liberty Trike to travel over most terrains and up reasonable inclines with ease.
Liberty Trike


Trusted and loved by thousands—the Liberty Trike was made to provide the freedom to move. Hear it from Liberty Trikers here.

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