Liberty Trikes: Cycling With Spinal Stenosis

January 22, 2023

Liberty Trikes: Cycling With Spinal Stenosis

eTrikes, specifically electric Liberty Trikes, are a perfect option for people with spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the spinal canal narrows, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. This can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the legs, making it difficult for those affected to engage in physical activity. Fortunately, many Liberty Trikers with spinal stenosis (and other back injuries) have had much success riding and enjoying their electric Liberty Trike. It provides a solution for people with spinal stenosis, as they offer support, stability, and ease of use.

First and foremost, the Liberty Trike allows for a lower center of gravity, which can help to reduce the likelihood of falls. This is especially important for people with spinal stenosis, as their condition may make them more prone to falls and accidents. Additionally, the throttle-on-demand feature can make it easier for people with spinal stenosis to pedal, which can help to reduce pain and discomfort and still allow them to engage in physical activity without putting too much strain on their bodies.

Electric Liberty Trike rider with family out on an adventure

Another benefit of the Liberty Trike is that they offer a variety of additional accessories for comfort and safety purposes like the foam seat cover, pedal extenderssafety flag, or 3" mirror. These additional features allow people with spinal stenosis or any back pain to engage in physical activity in a way that is more comfortable, accommodating, and safer.

Last but not least, the electric Liberty Trike is a great option for people with spinal stenosis because they are easy to use, not to mention very easy to assemble. The carefully crafted design is made ultra-compact and portable, while also being easy to fold and disassemble when needed. There's an easy-to-read LCD screen, a handy rear basket to store just about anything (additional front basket available for purchase), and a thumb throttle for controlling the electric assist. This makes them easy to operate, even for people who may not be familiar with traditional bicycles. Additionally, many e-trikes come with a built-in display that shows the battery level, speed, and other information, making it easy for riders to keep track of their progress.

Two Liberty Trike riders out riding with a dog in the front basket

If you or someone you know has spinal stenosis, a Liberty Trike may be the perfect solution to get them out and enjoying the outdoors once again! Not to mention, they come in 10 amazing shades making choosing a color fun and exciting (or so we've heard!). 

Tip: Some Liberty Trikers have mentioned experimenting with adjusting the seat pitch and height. Just slight change can make a huge difference. Also handlebar height and reach affects wether you sit comfortably and how far your reach will be. 

Here are some great testimonies from Liberty Trikers living with spinal/back injuries:

"I have had a lumbar fusion with 3 rods with screws, also have 2 knees waiting replacement joints. I had to put a padded seat cover on mine just for comfort. It allows me to peddle to exercise my leg muscles without pressure on my knees. This trike literally gave me my life and sanity back. It is easy for me to load on a carrier with ramp although I know some folks break theirs apart and carry in their vehicles. I have not regretted a penny of the cost. I love my trike!!!!"

-Mary G.

"I have spinal cord injury. I can’t stand or walk for long. I love this bike. It fits in my doorway, it only weighs 80 lbs, and I can petal it or not. I’m 5’7”, 210 lbs."

-Molly K.

"I've had both my knees total replacement, 5 back operations and 75 years old. I love the mobility that I get from mine."

-Henry K.


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