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You can gift a Liberty Trike to a child in need!

Every Liberty Trike purchased here will go directly to a child that can use it.

Buy a Liberty Trike for a Kid! $1498

100% of your contribution of $1498 will go directly towards purchasing exactly one Liberty Trike for a child that can use it. The child will pick their favorite color and the shipping is on us! This contribution is NOT tax-deductible.

GIVE the gift of Liberty. Every contribution counts.

Contribute what you can to help get more kids riding this Spring.


100% of your contribution will go directly towards purchasing a Liberty Trike or related accessories (helmets, pedal straps, safety flags... etc.) for a kid in need. This contribution is NOT tax deductible.

To make a tax deductible donation to kids with SMA visit

Donations made directly to will be used for funding education, support, care and research programs. Your donation may even end up buying a Liberty Trike for child with SMA!

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