Almost Ready to Ship!

March 29, 2016

Liberty Trike is almost ready to ship.

Backers and Pre-Order buyers,

We've been getting a few calls and email inquiries asking "Where am I in the queue and when can I expect my Liberty Trike to ship?"

The Liberty Trikes should begin shipping early next week once we have the boxes for them.

The trikes will ship in waves of 10-15 per day starting next week. Tracking information will come via email to each of you as the labels are printed. Anyone with a special request or note for an order will be contacted in advance of shipping.

Thanks again for your support and patience as we continue to move things along.

Liberty Trike Shipping Queue

1 Allanis O. Black
2 Lynette R. Red
1 Thomas S. Red
2 Beatrice M. Red
3 Roy M. Black
4 Jane G. Yellow
5 Craig M. Red
6 Carrie S. Navy
7 Kristin G. Red
9 Robert N. Red
10 Kathryn S. Black
11 Greg H. Navy
12 Linda J. Black
13 Walter B. Navy
14 John D. Orange
15 Todd W. Black
16 Amy M. Black
17 Rena P. Navy
18 Frank K. Yellow
19 Michael L. Navy
20 Lonny A. Yellow
21 Vikram S. Red
22 Chris S. Red
23 Catherine H. Black
24 David K. Yellow
25 Eugene S. Red
26 Chris C. Yellow
27 Gary C. Orange
28 Kathleen U. Red
29 John S. Red
30 Harvey R. Black
31 Deirdre B. Navy
32 Robert T. Navy
33 Graham C. Navy
34 Douglas C. Red
35 Jeffrey B. Red
36 Hope M. Navy
37 Doug E. Yellow
38 Patricia S. Navy
39 Malcolm J. Red
40 Robert M. Black
41 Rick B. Black
42 Matthew M. Navy
43 Jeff H. Black
44 Sally F. Red
45 Rodger B. Red
46 Abraham B. Red
47 Kevin I. Red
48 Jim L. Black
49 Marcia L. Teal
50 Steven A. Red
51 Robert H. Red
52 Ookkrit B. Teal
53 Carolyn W. Red
54 Carolyn W. Black
55 D F. Navy
56 Robert C. Red
58 Rhonda W. Red
59 Scott S. Navy
60 Jon G. Black
61 Shirley M. Yellow
62 Charles B. Yellow
63 Dale T. Navy
64 Pam S. Red
65 Dan H. Black
66 Bill C. Yellow
67 Brad B. Yellow
68 Jim F. Red
69 Debra W. Black
70 Betty S. Yellow
71 Dale W. Red
72 Joseph K. Black
73 Madeline H. Yellow
74 H. Guz S. Red
75 Daniel K. Black
76 H Daniel R. Red
77 Thomas M. Navy
78 Arlie B. Red
79 Pamela H. Navy
80 Paul M. Orange
81 William P. Yellow
82 Janet S. Teal
83 Jill F. Teal
84 Harry K. Red
85 Paul R. Orange
86 Daniel B. Yellow
87 Sharon L. Orange
88 Bill T. Navy
89 Barbara K. Red
90 Ray W. Teal

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