Development Shots of the Liberty Trike

August 20, 2015

Take apart the Liberty Trike for easier transport.

Controller of Liberty Trike Bike

Considering controller options at a meeting in China. In the end, to have as much power as we wanted in the motor, an external controller made more sense.

Ultraportable Liberty Trike Bike

This patent pending hinge is what allows the Liberty Trike to be ultra portable. The trike can be folded in half and if you want to, you can pull the pin and have the frame completely separate into to near equally weighted pieces.

Seperated Liberty Trike Bike for portablity

Here's an earlier prototype on the shop floor that is obviously separated. The seat is quick release and so are the handlebars. The handlebars can be removed completely pretty easily or they can simply be turned parallel to the front wheel as they are in this shot. This makes it easy for laying down flat for transport.

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