Winter Storage and Safekeeping

January 31, 2019

One of our Liberty Trike riders out in some light snow.
Safekeeping You Liberty Trike in the winter season.

As the temperature begins to drop, it is important to know how to properly care for your Liberty Trike and its lithium battery. Depending on where you live, you may be able to ride during the winter months, or you may want to pack away your trike until the weather is a little bit warmer.

Below we've answered all your most commonly asked questions about battery care, storing, safekeeping, and more!

Q: Can I ride in the snow?

A: We do not recommend riding in deep snow or on icy roads. If you decide to go out in the snow, make sure you do so in the daytime when the snow is not too deep and there is no ice. We always recommend wearing a helmet and protective riding gear anytime you go out on your Liberty Trike but especially in the snow. Always make sure to have a full charge if you're riding in the cold.

Q: If I decide to ride in cold weather, how will it affect my battery?

A: Liberty Trikes use Lithium-Ion batteries (abbreviated Li-ion) which is the most common battery found in rechargeable devices. Like your phone, the battery on the Liberty Trike will experience changes in extreme temperatures. According to Battery University, cold temperature "increases the internal resistance and diminishes capacity" of a Li-ion battery. Specifically, they estimate that in freezing temperatures, a Li-ion may only deliver about 50% of its capacity.

Q: Do I have to bring my battery inside during cold weather?

A: Yes. The Liberty Trike's Li-ion battery needs to be stored in a cool, dry area that is between 30F - 100F. Allow two hours for the battery to warm up to room temperature before charging. Never charge your Liberty Trike battery when the surrounding area is below 40F. Click here to view a video on how to remove the Liberty Trike battery.

Q: Do I have to bring my entire trike inside along with my battery?

A: As long as you bring your battery inside, the Liberty Trike frame can be stored in a basement or shed. If you want to avoid any dust or nicks to the paint, we recommend putting a cover on your Liberty Trike while it is in storage for the winter. You can purchase a bike cover from our affiliate site here. If your bike does get some dings while packed away in storage let us know and we'll send you some touch-up paint.

Q: How do I store my Liberty Trike in my garage/shed?

A: To save space, you can collapse your Liberty Trike for more compact storage. We have an instructional video on how to do this here.

Q: Do I need to charge my battery at all during the months it is not in use?

A: Yes. Your battery should be charged at least once every 30-40 days when not in use and should be stored fully charged. This is going to maintain the health of your battery so that you will be ready to ride again in the Spring!

Q: What should I do when I'm ready to ride again after the winter?

A: Give your trike a "check-up." Make sure the tires are pumped up between 28-45 PSI, charge your battery, tighten anything that might seem loose, patch up any dings/scratches that may have happened in storage, and give your trike a test ride. Make sure everything feels okay and enjoy, you're back to riding! 

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