Why Should You Invest in a Liberty Trike?

March 17, 2022

Why Should You Invest in a Liberty Trike?

The sky is the limit when it comes to these electric trike, and these are a few reasons why!

 1. There’s an e-trike for everyone! Depending on how and where you want to use it, there will always be a right e-trike for you. You can take your e-trike to to run an errand, visit a friend, on a light and fun cruise at the park or beach, to climb up hills with your friends, to ride with your pets - this list goes on. An electric trike is able to accompany you in almost all kinds of situations.

Most especially, our electric trikes (for adults and seniors) are made even more accessible these days. Liberty Trikes help those with mobility or balancing issues stay physically active. Adults and seniors are also given more options to enjoy outdoor activities as it provides them the freedom to move with stability and a throttle. It's truly a life-changing experience for so many!

2. With and e-trike, you get to help save the environment. Consumers are now becoming more aware of the environmental impact an electric ride has. Electric trikes are one of the greener alternatives that can help lessen our environmental foot prints on the planet. 

3. It’s a practical alternative to cars. One of the most popular benefits of an electric trike is how it can shorten the length of your travel due to its pedal assist motor. Not only that, an adult electric trike’s ability to stop and start quickly makes it perfect for riding in cities where you would usually have to stop and go at intersections and traffic lights. It is also swift enough to make tight turns maneuverable compared to cars.

On the economical side of things, e-trikes have a lot to offer. One of the most prominent benefits is that you save a lot from gas money. As the cost of gas rises left and right, many are looking for alternate ways to get around town/run errands. 

Adding this, a few safety gears that will definitely last you for years, and low-maintenance costs, an electric trike bike is a one-time practical purchase that you surely won’t regret.

4. Storage shouldn't be a problem. If you’re worried about where to stash your essentials aboard an e-trike, we have the answer for you. We offer an awesome front basket that provides a little more cargo room to your Liberty Trike and is easily removable with a quick release bracket.

5. Electric trikes help you get active, improve your lifestyle, and promote fitness. It is a known fact that in order to live a healthier life, one must become more physically active. Riding an electric trike bike regularly can help you in achieving that, as it provides ample exercise that your body needs. It is one of the best ways to reduce health risks and to get you moving towards a more active lifestyle.

When you do this just 2 or 3 times a week, you will notice improvement in your health, and even on your mindset. An electric tricycle is a great way to work out your body and mind, with less risk to injuries and strain. It also boosts your stamina, muscle strength, and even your immune system.

With the help of an electric trike, you can enjoy the great outdoors, while getting your dose of moderate exercise.         

With so many advantages, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it as you cruise your way to an improved lifestyle!


Do you absolutely love your Liberty Trike? We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to email us at info@libertytrike.com to tell us why!

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