Nana Rides Her Liberty Trike with Family!

April 28, 2016

Liberty Trike brings back family time!

We got my mom on the trike yesterday. She managed 3.5 miles of riding first time out! My girls (ages 4, 7 and 8) couldn’t keep up with her. They think she is the coolest Nana on the block with her new trike!

Nana Riding Her New Liberty Trike!

As you can see my mom is a heavy lady (about 310 pounds), she has very limited mobility due to her weight and also arthritic knees and a bad hip. She is scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery (bariatric surgery for weight-loss) next month. If she can drop some of this excess weight she will be a good candidate for the knee and hip surgeries later in the year. I truly think this trike is perfect for her during this rehab year.

We are are so excited to see Nana out with the girls bike riding. As long as I can remember, my mom would jump at the opportunity to ride bikes. We noticed a few years ago that her mobility was declining. I quickly went out and bought her a recumbent Sun trike (even added a front hub motor), however, her knees were already in too much pain for that laid back positioning. She couldn’t even lift her legs over the recumbent trike to get on it and then further, asking her to lift them with every pedal stroke with her over sized stomach in the way was almost impossible. We were hunting for a Granny style trike (she tried one out on a beach trip in Hilton Head and liked the upright positioning) when we stumbled upon your Liberty Trike. I gotta say, she just stepped right over and sat down on this trike with such ease, I was so relieved!

This is a game changer for people like my mom. A vehicle to help her regain her health. Thanks for dreaming this and then making it happen.

Wishing Liberty Trike much success! Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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