Myths About eTrikes

April 06, 2022

Myths About eTrikes

Electric trikes (and bikes) continue to grow in popularity, in fact they are predicted to boom in the next couple of years. Cheaper than cars and motorbikes, easy to charge and equipped with pedal assistance, these efficient vehicles allow you to take full control of your ride!

Electric trikes are a little different from the standard tricycle, but many people seem to have picked up some false information about them.

“Aren’t they cheating?” seems to be a reoccurring statement when it comes to eTrikes in general. We understand that certain misconceptions are inevitable – that’s why we’re here to set the record straight…

Myths About eTrikes

Myth one: eTrikes are for lazy people

Fact: Liberty Trikes are designed to be 50/50 pedal assist with the rider doing half the work. Although less effort is required, the majority of riders who switch to electric trikes claim that they actually tend to cycle greater distances, thus making more use of them. They can also function as standard trikes without pedal assistance – depending how you are feeling on the day, you can take or leave the extra help.

Myth two: eTrikes are overpriced

Fact: Hey, compared to the cost of motorcycles, cars, vans and other automobiles, a Liberty Trike will save you money rather than cost you. Not to mention, with gas prices on the rise - and no particular end in site - this will help cut costs. You can run local errands, ride to a nearby relative or friend's home, etc. 

Think of all the things you won’t have to pay for, including gas bills, insurance and tax. The list goes on. 

Myth three: eTrikes are limited on distance

Fact: Liberty Trikes run 8-20 miles with the supplied 36v 8Ah Li-ion battery pack. The final range per full charge will ultimately depend on the total load (weight of rider, cargo, input, and terrain). Ultimately, you can get pretty far!

Additionally, our batteries typically only take 3 hours to charge from empty to full. Like a cell phone, the battery may be charged at any time and the charge time will depend on the present level of charge in the battery.

Myth four: an eTrike won't go over any hills

Fact: No, not necessarily. How well the Liberty Trike does on the hill greatly depends on the hill grade, rider weight, input, and momentum. The maximum torque of the Liberty Trike is 60N-m.

If the Liberty Trike is presented with an immovable situation the motor system will cut power to the motor temporarily to prevent damage to the system. Releasing the throttle for a second will allow the system to re-engage and the system will be ready again.

The Liberty Trike is very powerful but steep hills and inclines will require riders (especially riders over 225 lbs.) to assist the motor with pedal power. The Liberty Trike is not a solution for climbing steep hills without any effort by the rider.

Myth five: you need a driving license to ride an e-trike

Fact: You don’t. The Liberty Trike system is well under the Federal regulations for a motorized vehicle and is as street legal as any conventional tricycle in most if not all states. Please check with your local DMV or regulatory authority if you are unsure.

One important thing to note: always wear a helmet, ride responsibility and observe all federal, state and local laws.

Myth six: you can’t ride an eTrike in the rain

Fact: Rain is not an issue. All of the components, motor, battery, and connectors are water-resistant to handle rain and wet conditions. With that said, we would not advise storing the Liberty Trike outside or leaving it out in the elements indefinitely as moisture over time will find its way into electronics.

Myth seven: eTrikes are not safe

Fact: Liberty Trikes are very safe. It's set up in a way where the trike balances itself so you can just get on and start pedaling - so balancing and tipping aren't an issue. And because of their stability, they are associated with less risk of injuries related to loss of control. We have heard a tremendous amount of feedback regarding how safe and in-control our riders feel. 

Myth eight: eTrikes require lots of extra maintenance

Fact: The components and motor on the trike are very durable. There is no ongoing service requirement outside of normal tricycle maintenance. The battery that powers the trike would be the one thing that requires an extra level of care. The battery must be charged regularly when in use, and does require regular maintenance charging during longer periods of storage. Proper maintenance in storage would be to charge the battery pack to full and then come back at least once every 45 days to "top off" the battery by charging to full and removing the charger. 

It's not required to discharge the battery entirely during use, but it’s much better for the battery to not drain to 0%. Tip: If you know that you won’t be using the battery for an extended time (for the winter or 1-3 months), store the battery indoors and charge the battery to 100% every thirty days.

Myth nine: eTrikes don’t last

Fact: Electric trikes are just as reliable as any other tricycle or bicycle. How you treat and care for your Liberty Trike depends on the durability, for example. Leaving it out in the cold over time could affect the performance, but if you care for it, there’s no reason it can’t last. Check out our battery charging and care video.

Myth ten: eTrikes take away the exercise benefit

Fact: With a little help from your Liberty Trike, you are in control of your workout at all times. Whether you require assistance with that hefty hill or fancy riding completely unassisted, the possibilities are endless. Many of those who switch to electric find themselves making more use of their trike as they are still incorporating exercise into daily life. It all depends what you’re comparing it to.

Myth eleven: eTrikes are cheating

Fact: If you enjoy greener living, having fun, getting out in the fresh air, exercise and saving money, then there really is no ‘cheating’ with a Liberty Trike. An electric trike is simply a form of assistance that means that you won’t have to struggle uphill or when you need a break!

Liberty Trikes are actually encouraging people, especially seniors, to get active and all they do is make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. It’s all a matter of how much assistance you desire on the day. Learn more about throttling and pedaling.

So, there you have it – we have debunked 11 common myths about the use of electric trikes. Have other questions or concerns? Feel free to check out more of our helpful videos here or email us at with any questions!

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