Find a Test Drive Close to you | Join Our FB Group

March 05, 2023

Find a Test Drive Close to you | Join Our FB Group

Over the past few years, our Liberty Trikes have become increasingly popular among those with mobility limitations or for anyone looking for a fun way to get around. However, for those who have never tried an eTrike before, it can be difficult to know whether or not it is the right choice for them. This is where our Facebook group can come in handy.

It's truly an awesome online community. Many join the group and add a post mentioning where they're from and ask if anyone (in close proximity) is willing to let them test drive. You'd be surprised at how many reply back willing to do a meet-up! Here's a little glimpse at some of the many posts in the group:


Liberty Trike




Liberty Trike




 And then we have special shout-outs like this where test drivers share their appreciation:

The benefits of this Facebook group extend beyond just test rides, too. The group consists of thousands of Liberty Trikers and those looking to learn more. They're passionate about their LT and love sharing their experiences and knowledge with others. They have created a supportive community where members can ask questions, share photos and videos, and connect with others who share their interests. 

Overall, this Facebook group is a shining example of how social media can be used to bring people together around a shared passion. By allowing others to try their trikes, the members of this group are helping to spread the word about the emotional, mental and physical benefits of Liberty Trikes, while inspiring and helping others to make the decision to the Freedom To Move. We recommend you join! 

Liberty Trike Facebook Group

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