Liberty Trikes: Cycling with Arthritis

January 22, 2023

Liberty Trikes: Cycling with Arthritis

Biking is a wonderful activity. It gets you outdoors into the fresh air. You can enjoy beautiful scenery and if biking with a partner, it makes for great company. 

Older adults and seniors may wonder if biking is appropriate for them. The answer is an unequivocal "yes!" Even if you have mobility issues such as arthritis or trouble with balance, biking can be a gentle way for you to exercise.

Liberty Trikes are a great option for people with arthritis because they provide a comfortable and stable ride while also reducing strain on the joints.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects the joints, causing pain, stiffness, and inflammation. It can make it difficult for people to engage in physical activity, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and further deterioration of the joints. However, regular exercise is essential for managing arthritis and maintaining overall health. Liberty Trikes offer an alternative form of exercise that can be low-impact and easy on the joints.

One of the main benefits of eTrikes is that they have three wheels, which provides added stability. This is especially beneficial for people with arthritis, as it reduces the risk of falls and accidents. The extra wheel also allows for a wider base of support, which can help to distribute weight more evenly and reduce pressure on the joints.

Another advantage of a Liberty Trike is that it has an easy-to-use split-twist throttle with our unique reverse button toggle feature. You can get power when you need it, and back into tight parking spots! This can make pedaling much easier and less strenuous for people with arthritis, as it reduces the need to exert as much force. This feature also enables people with arthritis to travel longer distances and tackle hills with ease, which can help to increase the range of motion and build up strength in the joints.

In addition to the physical benefits, electric trikes can also have a positive impact on mental health. For people with arthritis, regular exercise is crucial for managing pain, inflammation and depression. Electric trikes provide an enjoyable form of exercise that can also help to boost mood and reduce stress. They can also provide an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

All in all, the Liberty Trike is unmatched for an industrial-strength adult tricycle about convenience, portability, and power. It ensures that the rider is seated in a comfortable and ergonomic position while increasing range of motion and reducing strain on the joints. With a Liberty Trike, people with arthritis can hop and off easily and enjoy the benefits of regular exercise without the discomfort and pain of traditional bicycles.

Here are a few reviews from Liberty Trikers that deal with daily arthritis:

"At 73, In the past few years my arthritis in my ankle and knee has continued to get worse and limit my walking and even riding a standard trike. As a Photographer/ video guy, I have tried to use those skills to record the natural world around me and share it with others (most of whom are more limited in getting around than me) This morning I took the new Liberty out for a ride (2/14 miles) to places I could not easily get to this last year.. up and down hills and long coasts.. it was not only fun, but a real encouragement."

-Roger S.

"I love my trike! It allows me, in spite of arthritis, to go just about anywhere ... shopping, the bank, to restaurants or just joy-riding. Have named him Bikey Bikema (old family story). Oh, & I have recently retired down to Sarasota County, Florida."

-Christy H.

"I have bad arthritis in back, 1 hip, 1 knee...this Trike is wonderful!"

-Carol M.


"Well, I am full of arthritis. I have two bad hips and two bad knees. I broke my left knee really badly last year and have had two surgeries on it, metal plates and screws in it and have had two surgeries on it this past year. I have smashed my right ankle completely. I broke a vertebra in my back a few years ago. I can ride my Liberty Trike with NO problem! When the pedaling gets difficult for me, I let the bike take over. It has been great to be able to bike with my family and keep up."

-Jeanette L.

Have more questions? We'd love to help. Feel free to email us or give us a call at 866.894.4620. We look to hearing from you! 

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