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August 31, 2016

Liberty Trike was reviewed on the Electric Bike Review


Electric Bike Review is the #1 source for independent reviews of electric bikes, and we were thrilled yesterday when they posted their review of the Liberty Trike.

 "It made me smile and went way above and beyond"

"There's something really cool about a stable platform that empowers people that need that boost the most: people who are older and want to be liberated. It's neat."

Electric trikes are not widely available - there are only 7 Electric trikes on Electric Bike Review. For reviewer Court Rye, it was a stand-out experience:

"It's awesome to see something like this being done in the world of electric bikes"

Court also offers some valid critiques, some of which we've already addressed - we are always improving the Liberty Trike with each new production run, and we welcome your suggestions.

Read the review of the Liberty Trike to learn more.

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