Plan A Liberty Trike Picnic

April 20, 2022

Plan A Liberty Trike Picnic
Spring and Summer Dining Just Got More Fun!


Getting tired of eating indoors, at the same old crowded happy hours and drive-through dining?

Running out of hangout ideas with friends or a loved one?

It might be time to start planning a Liberty Trike picnic. Consistent warm weather is on the horizon and we're all about fresh air, sun-soaking, and the simple pleasures. Invite a group of friends or loved one for a leisurely evening ride and cap the evening with a fun, relaxing picnic outdoors.

While there's so much you can do with your trike, we thought we'd share some a fun outing for spring and summer.

Liberty Trikes make the perfect picnic transport because you can get to spots inaccessible by cars, and (if bikes are allowed) wheel your food right to the picnic spot!

So how do you plan an Liberty trike picnic, you ask? It's quite simple, actually:

  1. Finding The Spot: Scout your favorite Liberty Trike routes for open spaces along the way for the perfect picnic spot. Views are optional, but makes for great atmosphere! Think a quiet corner of the green in the middle of your city or neighborhood. The cozy stretch of the beach where the sunset’s sigh-worthy. A meadow on top of the hill, a lakeside spot at the local park. Basically, a happy place! And of course, if seating is an issue, you may want to research spots that offer picnic tables or benches.
  2. Assembling the Picnic: Use your rear basket to fill with your picnic goodies. And if extra cargo is needed, check out our Liberty Trike Front BasketPack sturdy foods and utensils, and pad everything well for (potentially) bumpy rides. Scrap the disposable and bring real serving ware. (Think stainless steel or bamboo instead of glass and ceramics.) If you do plan on bringing anything breakable (like bottled drinks) pad it well with napkins. Want to take it a step further? Scope out locations where bbqs are permitted and take some meat to grill. Pair it with a couple sides - carefully packaged - and there you have it. 
    liberty-trike, plan-a-liberty-trike-picnic
  3. Planning the Day: Decide if you’re planning to ride for awhile before picnicking or if you’re heading straight to the spot. While pedal assist makes riding with the picnic basket a breeze, consider how terrain will affect your carry.

And don't forget a cozy picnic blanket to relax on - if sitting/getting up isn't an issue, of course!

If you're riding after sunset, it would be a good idea to be extra cautious and pick up a Safety Flag or front Headlight.

    liberty-trike, plan-a-liberty-trike-picnic                                liberty-trike, plan-a-liberty-trike-picnic

Go on, try it. It’s guaranteed to upgrade your spring and summer plans. 

If you plan a picnic on your Liberty Trike, tag us on social media. We'd love to see!

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