Liberty Trike Backer Update

March 09, 2016

Liberty Trike Backer Update

Hello All!

Last week we took delivery of all of the final parts that will go into your Liberty Trikes. Many of the parts come from a few different suppliers overseas and of course the frames and wheels came in from Worksman in New York.

It's been a lot of work and our staff has been incredibly busy breaking down all of pallets of parts we received. We're getting each of the parts into the proper place in the warehouse so that we can work efficiently and as quickly as possible, so that over the next few weeks to begin shipping out the trikes to backers.

Our partners at Trenton Corrugated will be essentially be designing the Liberty Trike box around the Liberty Trike. This will allow us to ship the entire trike via UPS in a single box that will keep the pieces of the trike (handle bars, seat, front frame, back frame, rear basket) safe and secure. Because the trike can be separated into these 5 parts easily it means the box can ship without an "oversize fee" saving money on shipping costs. But don't worry, the trike should be very easy to assemble out of the box as well as we've done all of the important adjustments before shipping.

We're still hopeful and aiming for most of the Liberty Trikes heading to crowdfunding backers to begin shipping before the end of March with every trike being shipped out by the end of April. Trikes are shipping to backers in order with the very first backers receiving their trikes first.

Questions? | +1 866.894.4620


Ready to assemble the Liberty Electric Tricycle
Liberty Electric Tricycles all lined up and ready to assemble.
An Orange Liberty Trike is ready to be assembled.
The Assembly line of Liberty Electric Tricycle.
A Teal Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly
A Red Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly.
Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Red Back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Yellow front

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Yellow back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Navy front

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Navy back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Black complete

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Heading to Custom Boxing

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Wing Screw 2

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