Customer Reviews for a Liberty Trike

The Original Active-Mobility Electric Trike for Seniors! / Ultra-Portable, Folding & Separating!

Rider Height / Sizing

We have had some people ask how to size your Liberty Trike. The best way is to go based the rider's inseam and match that to the range of sizes that the seat can adjust to:

Out of the box, the Liberty Trike can adjust to an inseam between 21" and 32.5" just by opening the quick-release lever and sliding the seat up or down.

(Pedal-to-seat-top length adjusts from 20" to 28.5")

At its lowest point, the seat will be about 23.75" off the ground.


By special request, we can cut down the Liberty Trike seatpost to a shorter length, allowing for inseams down to 18" (pedal-to-seat top length down to 17"). And seat-to ground of about 20.75". The seat would still be adjustable upwards by 4.5"



The Liberty Trike takes a standard 25.4mm / 1" bicycle seatpost.






Very tall or very short riders may want to adjust their handlebar angle for maximum comfort: