Liberty Trike Dimensions

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The length, width, and height of the Libberty Trike

The length is 55-inches long, the width is 25-inches wide and the height is 41.5-inches high.


For the Liberty Trike to fit on most scooter carriers, it's best to turn the front wheel 90 degrees (see image). From tire-to-tire it's 46-inches long.

Folded Dimensions

If the rear basket is removed from the Liberty Trike and folded, it's 34-inches long, 27.5-inches wide and 41.5-inches tall.

Nested Dimensions

If you were to detach the two halves and nest them together for maximum, compaction. The Liberty Trike would be 33-inches long, 24-inches wide and 29-inches tall.


The total weight of the Liberty Trike is 56 lbs. The front and rear halves are 25 lbs each, and if you remove the battery, it weighs 6 lbs.


Here's a list of the Liberty Trike parts.

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