Waterfront Inn at Lake Sumter

Thank you for attending today's event at the Waterfront Inn!
Please forward the text or this page to anyone local that may be interested in attending.

The Waterfront Inn

3-8pm Friday January 24th / Saturday January 25th 9am-8pm. Parking lot in front of the lake.

CLICK HERE to Buy a Liberty Trike at the show!

CLICK HERE to Buy the other trikes & bikes from the show!

**The discounted demos are offered as first come, first served.

What if a demo model I want is sold out? - If a demo model you want is sold out at the event you can still order one from our online shop for delivery to your door and at $200 OFF with code “FL200”.

Enter to WIN a Liberty Trike!
Enter to win and share to increase your odds! The winner will be announced on January 31, 2020 and the winner will be announced via email and social media.

Important: Buyers are being asked to collect their purchases near the event’s ending on Saturday January 25th, between 6 – 8pm in the test ride lot next to the Waterfront Inn.

Can make the event but want to get in touch?
Email Us: support@libertytrike.com or Call Us: +1 866-894-4620


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