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The Liberty Trike is a one of a kind electric adult tricycle design to give you the freedom to move. With an incredibly powerful motor, industrial strength USA made frame and a lithium battery that will carry you 18-30 miles per charge, the only question is... Where will your Liberty trike take you?

Designed for agility, portability and utility you'll now be able to move about your day with ease and get more done. Whether it's a trip to the local farmer's market, heading to the park for you kid's soccer game or a quick trip to the corner store, the Liberty Trike will take you there with ease.

Heading to the shore for the weekend and looking forward to taking it easy. Leave the car parked and hop on your electric trike to get around emissions free and while you're at it, how about a bit of exercise? The Liberty Trike is designed for active mobility and pedalling is encouraged!

So.... Where will YOUR Liberty take you?

Coming soon to Indiegogo!

August 16, 2015

Liberty Trike Bike on Indiegogo

The Liberty Trike is coming soon to Indiegogo. This will be the first chance to own the World's most powerful and portable electric mobility tricycle.

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