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We are having a blast with our new trikes! The only problem was getting down the street, we had so many people stopping us to ask questions.


Thanks Jason and crew.

Bea Has Her Liberty Back!

April 30, 2016

Liberty Trike Bea, you tell us! How is your ride?
April 22 at 9:11pm

Bea Rice: It's a killer just like scenery!!

Liberty Trike

I am 4 years into my 8th decade! I cannot walk without sticks. When I do walk, I can barely walk a street block and it takes me a long time. Today the trike was put together and charged up. I spent about 45 minutes going up and down the street learning to control the trike and learning the controls. My buddy on her ebike and I set off on my maiden journey!

We intended just to go around a couple of blocks! Well a couple of blocks led to 2.4 miles of freedom!! I love my trike! I love my new found freedom and look forward to many more fun trips.

For what it's worth, I was never able to walk into or around the Palace, today I finally did it and it was great!!

Thank you Jason and all the team!


This is so wonderful that I can get to a local coffee shop and sit outside enjoying my coffee, knowing that now, I can go and do this any time I want! Another freedom, the Liberty Trike has given me back!


I love my trike! I love my new found freedom and look forward to many more fun trips. Bea in San Fran #LibertyTrike


The trike exceeds all of my expectations! The performance far exceeds that of my mobility scooter.

I have had six toes amputated because of complications related to diabetes. I also have arthritis of both hips and my lower spine. (It's hell getting old!).

The trike fits very easily in both of my SUVs, a Hyundai Tucson and a Subaru Forester. I just need to lower the handlebars and seat. A lot of people in my community have stopped me and asked about trike. I have referred them to your website.

Thank you again,

Mike L - Hemet, CA

Mike L from Hemet CA - Liberty Trike

We got my mom on the trike yesterday. She managed 3.5 miles of riding first time out! My girls (ages 4, 7 and 8) couldn’t keep up with her. They think she is the coolest Nana on the block with her new trike!

Nana Riding Her New Liberty Trike!

As you can see my mom is a heavy lady (about 310 pounds), she has very limited mobility due to her weight and also arthritic knees and a bad hip. She is scheduled for gastric sleeve surgery (bariatric surgery for weight-loss) next month. If she can drop some of this excess weight she will be a good candidate for the knee and hip surgeries later in the year. I truly think this trike is perfect for her during this rehab year.

We are are so excited to see Nana out with the girls bike riding. As long as I can remember, my mom would jump at the opportunity to ride bikes. We noticed a few years ago that her mobility was declining. I quickly went out and bought her a recumbent Sun trike (even added a front hub motor), however, her knees were already in too much pain for that laid back positioning. She couldn’t even lift her legs over the recumbent trike to get on it and then further, asking her to lift them with every pedal stroke with her over sized stomach in the way was almost impossible. We were hunting for a Granny style trike (she tried one out on a beach trip in Hilton Head and liked the upright positioning) when we stumbled upon your Liberty Trike. I gotta say, she just stepped right over and sat down on this trike with such ease, I was so relieved!

This is a game changer for people like my mom. A vehicle to help her regain her health. Thanks for dreaming this and then making it happen.

Wishing Liberty Trike much success! Let me know if I can help in anyway.

John on his Big Orange Liberty Trike

EBT people,

Today I took the first extended test drive on my new “Big Orange” Liberty Trike of about nine miles. Everything went pretty much the way I thought it would. I did get a lot of stares and smiles from walkers, drivers, outside diners, and especially kids.

I am very pleased with the power of the motor. It was able to handle my 275lbs in good fashion. In fact, I wouldn’t want it to be any more powerful or faster than it is right now. I have to admit to maxing out at 11.5 to 12 MPH when the way ahead permitted.

With flashing lights front and rear, I used the bike lanes on the roads here in Tampa when sidewalk riding might interfere with pedestrians or slower bikes. The basket was great for holding a cooler bag with water and my small camera bag. At the end of the trip, the battery still showed 4 bars. I’ll try 15 miles next time and see what the battery indicator says then.

The build quality is what I expected from a Worksman trike, since I have purchased three industrial trikes from them in the past for my workers. However, I was a bit surprised to find a 13mm nut on the handlebar clamp and 1/2” on the seat clamp. Huh?? I’m not a big fan of the quick release clamps anyway. I know they are necessary for breaking the bike down quickly without tools, but I can’t stand any movement at all.

I am a bit disappointed that the one speed is impossible to get up to any speed under pedal power. I had hoped that the trike could be somewhat useful without power. That overdrive on the Sturmey Archer 2 speed might have been nice. In fact, three or more speeds would be better.

I can’t wait to take this trike to the zoo. I’ll let you know how Lowe's and Walmart feels about running up and down their aisles.

Best regards,
John D
Tampa, FL

John's Big Orange Liberty Trike in Tampa FL

Shipping Starts Next Tuesday!
Here's a little video update from Alec in the shop

We have 10 Liberty Trikes of the first run available now!
Shipping within 3 weeks (once backer trikes are all shipped).

There are just 4 Red, 3 Black and 3 Navy Blue remaining of this first production run. We are taking pre-orders once these are gone and for any of the colors not available now (Orange, Yellow, Teal, Pink). Those are expected within 6 weeks.

Questions? / +1 866.894.4620

Backers and Pre-Order buyers,

We've been getting a few calls and email inquiries asking "Where am I in the queue and when can I expect my Liberty Trike to ship?"

This video will explain and we're not too far from getting the first run into packaging and out the door. The Liberty Trikes should begin shipping early next week once we have the boxes for them.

Posted below the video is a list showing the order the trikes will go out with first name, last initial and color.

The trikes will ship in waves of 10-15 per day starting next week. Tracking information will come via email to each of you as the labels are printed. Anyone with a special request or note for an order will be contacted in advance of shipping.

Thanks again for your support and patience as we continue to move things along.

Liberty Trike Shipping Queue

1 Allanis O. black
2 Lynette R. red
1 Thomas S. red
2 Beatrice M. red
3 Roy M. black
4 Jane G. yellow
5 Craig M. red
6 Carrie S. Navy
7 Kristin G. red
9 Robert N. red
10 Kathryn S. black
11 Greg H. Navy
12 Linda J. black
13 Walter B. Navy
14 John D. orange
15 Todd W. black
16 Amy M. black
17 Rena P. Navy
18 Frank K. yellow
19 Michael L. Navy
20 Lonny A. yellow
21 Vikram S. red
22 Chris S. red
23 Catherine H. black
24 David K. yellow
25 Eugene S. red
26 Chris C. yellow
27 Gary C. orange
28 Kathleen U. red
29 John S. red
30 Harvey R. black
31 Deirdre B. Navy
32 Robert T. Navy
33 Graham C. Navy
34 Douglas C. red
35 Jeffrey B. red
36 Hope M. Navy
37 Doug E. yellow
38 Patricia S. Navy
39 Malcolm J. red
40 Robert M. black
41 Rick B. black
42 Matthew M. Navy
43 Jeff H. black
44 Sally F. red
45 Rodger B. red
46 Abraham B. red
47 Kevin I. red
48 Jim L. black
49 Marcia L. TEAL
50 Steven A. red
51 Robert H. red
52 Ookkrit B. TEAL
53 Carolyn W. red
54 Carolyn W. black
55 D F. Navy
56 Robert C. red
58 Rhonda W. red
59 Scott S. Navy
60 Jon G. black
61 Shirley M. yellow
62 Charles B. yellow
63 Dale T. Navy
64 Pam S. red
65 Dan H. black
66 Bill C. yellow
67 Brad B. yellow
68 Jim F. red
69 Debra W. black
70 Betty S. yellow
71 Dale W. red
72 Joseph K. black
73 Madeline H. yellow
74 H. Guz S. red
75 Daniel K. black
76 H Daniel R. red
77 Thomas M. Navy
78 Arlie B. red
79 Pamela H. Navy
80 Paul M. orange
81 William P. yellow
82 Janet S. TEAL
83 Jill F. TEAL
84 Harry K. red
85 Paul R. orange
86 Daniel B. yellow
87 Sharon L. orange
88 Bill T. Navy
89 Barbara K. red
90 Ray W. TEAL

Hello All!

Last week we took delivery of all of the final parts that will go into your Liberty Trikes. Many of the parts come from a few different suppliers overseas and of course the frames and wheels came in from Worksman in New York.

It's been a lot of work and our staff has been incredibly busy breaking down all of pallets of parts we received. We're getting each of the parts into the proper place in the warehouse so that we can work efficiently and as quickly as possible, so that over the next few weeks to begin shipping out the trikes to backers.

VIDEO walk-through showing what things look like in the warehouse presently

Below the video are pictures of individual frames so you can see colors more clearly and the black trike almost fully assembled. The final picture is of the black trike heading out to be used for custom packaging.

Our partners at Trenton Corrugated will be essentially be designing the Liberty Trike box around the Liberty Trike. This will allow us to ship the entire trike via UPS in a single box that will keep the pieces of the trike (handle bars, seat, front frame, back frame, rear basket) safe and secure. Because the trike can be separated into these 5 parts easily it means the box can ship without an "oversize fee" saving money on shipping costs. But don't worry, the trike should be very easy to assemble out of the box as well as we've done all of the important adjustments before shipping.

VIDEO related to the rear basket and also to the battery key

We're still hopeful and aiming for most of the Liberty Trikes heading to crowdfunding backers to begin shipping before the end of March with every trike being shipped out by the end of April. Trikes are shipping to backers in order with the very first backers receiving their trikes first.

Questions? / +1 866.894.4620

 Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - 1

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - 2

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - 3

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - 4

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Teal front

 Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - teal back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Red front

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Red Back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Yellow front

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Yellow back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Navy front

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Navy back

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Black complete

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Heading to Custom Boxing

Liberty Electric Tricycle - Assembly - Wing Screw 2

And then there was PAINT!

February 18, 2016

Things are moving along as planned and we have a few pics to share of the frames in production. The first run of frames are being painted for campaign backers from Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

As you can see in the pictures the very first Liberty Trike to get painted are black. If you ordered black then one of those is yours!

Once all the frames are painted they'll be packed up and shipped to our warehouse in Philadelphia for final assembly and packing. We expect all of that to take place and have them out the door and on their way to backers and pre-order buyers by the end of March.

Speaking of packaging, it has been our goal all along to make custom boxes for the Liberty Trike. We'll be working with Trenton Corrugated of Trenton, NJ on this and we'll be sure to share that process as we get into it.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and support during this process.

PRE-ORDER Available: We have a limited supply of additional trikes we have made in this first run and we are selling them as pre-orders. Supplies are limited and the discount for a pre-order before March 13, 2016 is $500 OFF! Total price would be $1498 plus $98 shipping in the contiguous USA only.

**Supplies and color options are limited. Contact us for more info.


Email us at or give us a call at +1 866.894.4620.

Liberty Electric Tricycle

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope all are doing well and staying warm. Here in Philly we're bracing for a little snow as we head into the weekend.

For this update I want to let everyone know we're on track and things looks good. Certain Liberty Trike electric parts are scheduled to depart on a big boat from Shanghai 2/2/2016 and that puts them here at our warehouse for final assembly the last week of February.

The bigger and more exciting news is that yesterday I was at Worksman to approve the final design for the frame and that looks amazing. Several changes were made that make the trike even better, stronger and more fun to ride.

I'm going to post a few videos below that I shot while there as I think they tell the story better. The demo in the video related to the kick shift is not very good so you'll need to trust me on that one that it's a very nice feature and intuitive. If you want to see more examples of a kick shifter like that you can find plenty of videos on YouTube. Overall though the Liberty Trike design turned out even better than we expected it to and I think everyone is going to really happy with the final design.

The trike you see in the video and pictures has not been painted yet but will be painted in black next week. We'll pick it up at the end of next week and post another video at that time showing you what it looks like all nice and fresh and brand new.

Our next steps here are to prepare for incoming shipments, to write the official manual, make safety stickers & decals and create custom packaging in the next 4 weeks.

Any questions shoot us an email anytime and we'll keep you posted as we continue moving everything along. We're still on track to have your Liberty Trikes shipping out before the end of March. Thanks as always for your continued support and patience.

Now it's time to buy the bread and milk and batten down the hatches. Bring on the snow!

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