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And then there was PAINT!

February 18, 2016

Things are moving along as planned and we have a few pics to share of the frames in production. The first run of frames are being painted for campaign backers from Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

Liberty Trike

As you can see in the pictures the very first Liberty Trike to get painted are black. If you ordered black then one of those is yours!

Once all the frames are painted they'll be packed up and shipped to our warehouse in Philadelphia for final assembly and packing. We expect all of that to take place and have them out the door and on their way to backers and pre-order buyers by the end of March.

Speaking of packaging, it has been our goal all along to make custom boxes for the Liberty Trike. We'll be working with Trenton Corrugated of Trenton, NJ on this and we'll be sure to share that process as we get into it.

Thanks again to everyone for your patience and support during this process.

PRE-ORDER Available: We have a limited supply of additional trikes we have made in this first run and we are selling them as pre-orders. Supplies are limited and the discount for a pre-order before March 13, 2016 is $500 OFF! Total price would be $1498 plus $98 shipping in the contiguous USA only.

**Supplies and color options are limited. Contact us for more info.


Email us at or give us a call at +1 866.894.4620.

Liberty Electric Tricycle

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope all are doing well and staying warm. Here in Philly we're bracing for a little snow as we head into the weekend.

For this update I want to let everyone know we're on track and things looks good. Certain Liberty Trike electric parts are scheduled to depart on a big boat from Shanghai 2/2/2016 and that puts them here at our warehouse for final assembly the last week of February.

The bigger and more exciting news is that yesterday I was at Worksman to approve the final design for the frame and that looks amazing. Several changes were made that make the trike even better, stronger and more fun to ride.

I'm going to post a few videos below that I shot while there as I think they tell the story better. The demo in the video related to the kick shift is not very good so you'll need to trust me on that one that it's a very nice feature and intuitive. If you want to see more examples of a kick shifter like that you can find plenty of videos on YouTube. Overall though the Liberty Trike design turned out even better than we expected it to and I think everyone is going to really happy with the final design.

The trike you see in the video and pictures has not been painted yet but will be painted in black next week. We'll pick it up at the end of next week and post another video at that time showing you what it looks like all nice and fresh and brand new.

Our next steps here are to prepare for incoming shipments, to write the official manual, make safety stickers & decals and create custom packaging in the next 4 weeks.

Any questions shoot us an email anytime and we'll keep you posted as we continue moving everything along. We're still on track to have your Liberty Trikes shipping out before the end of March. Thanks as always for your continued support and patience.

Now it's time to buy the bread and milk and batten down the hatches. Bring on the snow!

Controller of Liberty Trike Bike

Considering controller options at a meeting in China. In the end, to have as much power as we wanted in the motor, an external controller made more sense.

Ultraportable Liberty Trike Bike

This patent pending hinge is what allows the Liberty Trike to be ultra portable. The trike can be folded in half and if you want to, you can pull the pin and have the frame completely separate into to near equally weighted pieces.

Seperated Liberty Trike Bike for portablity

Here's an earlier prototype on the shop floor that is obviously separated. The seat is quick release and so are the handlebars. The handlebars can be removed completely pretty easily or they can simply be turned parallel to the front wheel as they are in this shot. This makes it easy for laying down flat for transport.

Sharing with friends on social media is easy. Now is your chance to show your support for the Liberty trike project on Indiegogo by sharing with your friends and family and climbing the leaderboard to a FREE Liberty Trike in the color of your choice. Simply register now through the Referral Program and share share share your way to your new trike!
Worksman Cycles has been making industrial trikes and bikes in the USA for over 118 years. They are the oldest bicycle maker in the United States and one of the only bicycle makers still manufacturing their bikes and trikes in the US.

The Liberty Trike is a one of a kind electric adult tricycle design to give you the freedom to move. With an incredibly powerful motor, industrial strength USA made frame and a lithium battery that will carry you 18-30 miles per charge, the only question is... Where will your Liberty trike take you?

Designed for agility, portability and utility you'll now be able to move about your day with ease and get more done. Whether it's a trip to the local farmer's market, heading to the park for you kid's soccer game or a quick trip to the corner store, the Liberty Trike will take you there with ease.

Heading to the shore for the weekend and looking forward to taking it easy. Leave the car parked and hop on your electric trike to get around emissions free and while you're at it, how about a bit of exercise? The Liberty Trike is designed for active mobility and pedalling is encouraged!

So.... Where will YOUR Liberty take you?

Coming soon to Indiegogo!

August 16, 2015

Liberty Trike Bike on Indiegogo

The Liberty Trike is coming soon to Indiegogo. This will be the first chance to own the World's most powerful and portable electric mobility tricycle.

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