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February 15, 2021

Nine-year-old Maggie Monnin and her 8-year-old sister Charlie have spinal muscular atrophy, a neurodegenerative disease that can be fatal. But their smiles are a lot brighter thanks to a surprise gift from Jason Kraft, who makes motorized tricycles that are typically for senior citizens. Dylan Dreyer reports for TODAY’s series The Upside. Read More

The TODAY Show!

February 12, 2021

Watch the TODAY Show, this Monday, February 15th as Electric Bike Technologies will be featured on the show. The EBT founder, Jason Kraft drives from Philly to Ohio where he meets the Monnin family with a BIG surprise! Read More
The E-BIKE Act creates a consumer tax credit that will cover 30% of the cost of the e-bike, up to a $1,500 credit. It only applies to new e-bikes that cost less than $8,000 and is fully refundable, allowing lower-income workers to claim the credit. Read More
Electric Bike Technologies, Inc. cannot find workers to supply the growing demand at its manufacturing center in Bristol Township. Read More
“When Allison came back from her first ride on her own, she said to me, ‘I’ve never really seen our own neighborhood before’. And I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, you’re free’.” Read More
Today is Giving Tuesday with Fox 29 and Jason Kraft of Electric Bike Technologies. Read More
Ruby just got her Liberty Trike and is already excited about riding it. It's a new freedom she can enjoy on her own.
Read More
“Every senior or a person with a disability needs a Liberty Trike,” said Suz, in an email she sent to Liberty Trike. Read More
Pierce and Grant will benefit from the Liberty Trike, by improving their leg strength, balance, exercise, and independence. Read More
“Kids with SMA deserve a better mobility option. And their parents, that give everything to make their children’s lives better, could use a little help” said Jason Kraft, CEO at Electric Bike Technologies. Read More
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