Behind the Scenes at Liberty Trike

December 10, 2016

Behind the scenes at Liberty Trike with Jason Kraft.

Published on Nov 18, 2016 on by Court Rye on's YouTube Channel!

The Liberty Trike is a custom electric tricycle manufactured by Worksman Cycles, designed in conjunction with Electric Bike Technologies. Recently I visited Pennsylvania and got to visit the Liberty Trike factory and speak with Jason Kraft, the man behind the liberty trike. Jason is a veteran in the ebike space, he also manages and which together, provide a wide range of electric bicycle and mobility solutions since 2008.

While on our tour Jason showed me some packaging which has their logo (an older fellow wearing a fedora riding the trike), he said that’s a depiction of his father in law. They shared the logo on social media to get feedback when launching it in 2015 using crowdfunding. In recent iterations the controller unit has been attached more securely, the battery has become smaller and lighter and the packaging is more compact and doesn’t use foam anymore. Jason also talked about the possibility of a metal rack in the future.

Worksman Cycles makes the frames and they are in Queens New York (just a two hour drive from the Liberty Trike headquarters) and this enables them to improve and fix things quickly. I was told that the paint is another area where they have made some updates and added more colors. The price on the Liberty Trike has dropped to $1,498 with a $98 flat rate delivery charge (to the lower 48 states in the USA).

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